Watch Amazon Fire TV Stick without registering an Amazon account?

Watch Amazon Fire TV Stick without registering an Amazon account?

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Amazon Fire TV Stick is a very popular streaming TV device due to its low cost, full feature set and high streaming performance. This is a very decent central element for a mid-budget TV and entertainment system, especially if you don’t have a smart TV.

However, when setting up the Fire TV Stick, the installation application insists that you enter your Amazon account information since it is part of the Amazon ecosystem.

This is not a problem for most of the users. In fact, this means that you can easily integrate your Fire TV Stick with your Amazon Prime Video account. But some people just want to use the Fire TV Stick as a smart add-on device and avoid further confusion with the Bezos empire.

Therefore, if you want to protect your privacy while using the Fire TV Stick you may be interested in learning how to set up your personal information without linking your personal Amazon account.

This article will tell you how to do it.

Do not buy it on Amazon

If you buy a Fire TV Stick using your own Amazon account, Amazon already knows that this Fire TV Stick is associated with your account. You can still disconnect the Stick and account using the tips in this article, but you should be aware that Amazon has already established a connection and that the data point will not disappear on their extensive computer network.

You need to buy a used flash drive through eBay, Offer up or another third-party seller if your goal is to completely avoid the vigilant monitorization from Amazon. You can usually find Fire TV Sticks on your local Craigslist page.

This will guarantee that Amazon cannot link your Amazon account with the Fire TV Stick as soon as you make a purchase.

Registration process

When you first turn on the Fire TV Stick, it starts hard-loading into the setup screen. You will be asked to enter your Amazon account information to continue activating the device and gain access to its feature set.

You have two main options if you do not want Amazon to know that you own this Fire TV Stick:

  1. Register Fire TV Stick using your account and then un-register it after you have established an alternative way to access the content.
  2. Register Fire TV Stick with a one-time account

Any of these options will help you to keep your data and actions more or less confidential, so choose any option that you prefer. Near are the instructions of how to do it.

Set up Fire TV Stick using your account

This is a very easy way to separate your Fire TV Stick from your personal Amazon account. However, if you are really paranoid because Amazon knows who you are, you will want to use a different approach. With this approach, they can, at least theoretically, know that this Fire TV Stick is connected to your account.

Simply follow these simple steps to apply this method:

  • Connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to your TV and home network.
  • Enter your account details when prompted.
  • Download Kodi or another content management app.
  • Select Settings-> My Account -> Amazon Account,
  • Select De-Register,

This method allows you to continue streaming content through Kodi or a similar application without Amazon being able to track your activity with your Fire Stick.

Set up Fire TV Stick using a fake account

If you are more concerned about your privacy than an ordinary person, you can use a fake Amazon account to set up your Fire TV Stick.

Follow these steps to set up a Fire Stick with a fake Amazon account:

  1. Buy a Visa prepaid gift card or Visa prepaid credit card.
  2. Create a new Amazon account with a fake name and add a Visa card as a payment method.
  3. Register your Amazon Fire Stick using this account.

The main problem is finding a card that will work. Gift cards that require a three-digit CVV code when paying for something do not work on Amazon.

For this reason, you can invest in a Visa prepaid card. Once you have this card associated with your Amazon account, you can go ahead and use its balance for something else, so all it costs you is an initial card fee (usually around $ 4, 95).

Although this method may require a little more effort, it ensures that Amazon cannot in any way link your personal Amazon account and therefore your personal information with your Fire Stick.

Kodi Installation

If you have not registered your Amazon account, then you might want to install Kodi or a similar program on your Fire TV card in order to have access to more content.

If you are new to Kodi, you should know that this is one of the favorite open source internet players for many people. Originally launched over fifteen years ago as XBMC, Kodi works as a media center and home theater client allowing you to stream and watch content from anywhere in the world.

Kodi has a fantastic interface, an excellent theme engine, full of options, preferences and appearance, as well as the ability to add applications from multiple sources using software repositories.

This makes Kodi one of the most powerful multimedia streaming applications available online, especially in the world after Windows Media Center. If you are looking for something powerful – Kodi is the app for you.

Fire TV Sticks are low-cost, powerful streaming devices to help you take your home entertainment settings to the next level.

However, if you are worried about your privacy, you might not be happy to know that setting up your Fire Stick requires linking your Amazon account to your device.

If you prefer to keep your Amazon account separate from the Fire Stick by following the steps that were mentioned above, you can take advantage of the Fire TV Stick without sacrificing your privacy.

Why Amazon blocks accounts and how to avoid this?

Amazon has a lot of rules breaking which your account can be closed. These rules are not on the surface but buried deep in the conditions of use which you hardly read, but like everyone ticked the box “I agree”.

It happens in a following manner: one very ordinary day you will be notified that your account is under review. You have 1 chance to convince Amazon not to close your account with a reinstatement letter. You need to take this letter very seriously. Write it without emotions, mention the main idea and all supportive details, write about your action plan according to which you are going to work, so that the situation does not happen again.

How can Amazon catch you?

If Amazon closes your seller account, you will not be able to open another. All new accounts connected to the old will be closed. Amazon is very good at finding these links. Such a relationship may be:

  • IP address of the Internet connection point or MAC address of the computer
  • Browser footprints such as cookies or flash objects
  • Any data from the previous account, for example, your name, bank account, address

Once you mistakenly go to the seller central from the old IP, for example, your mobile phone on which the Amazon application stands to connect to the wi-fi of the old IP (you would never have thought of that, right?) And that’s all – you are on the radar.

So, if you are banned – you have big problems. How to prevent this ban?

The most common seller mistakes leading to ban

Opening multiple Amazon accounts

Do not do that. Otherwise, your both accounts will be closed and this will happen very quickly. A second account can only be opened if Amazon gives you permission to do so. There are no exceptions.

Of course, you would immediately think that there is a legal bypass of this rule. For example, if you have an account for an individual, you cannot open a company and then open a new account for a company as this will be the second account. Or you have an account in your own name and you decide to open a company with a partner and a second account on Amazon for this company – do not do this until you receive written permission from Amazon.

Amazon needs serious justification for opening a second account, and the justification from the point of not how you prefer but how it is more convenient for Amazon and its users. For example, the reason “I have a new business and it is more convenient for me to keep accounts if there is a new account” is not sufficient. 

The only exception to these rules is opening an account on and, for example, on or These are different amazons, so for each of them you need to open a separate account. This refers to 2 accounts on one TLD Amazon site. But by the way, if you are closed, for example, on, then in the end you will be closed on all amazons.

Ignoring Quality / Performance Metrics

Amazon will not close you just for low metrics. But, if the statistics are already poor for a statistically representative number of sales, then Amazon does would not need a partner that does not satisfy their customers.

If you sell on the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) then you have a much better chance of selling happily ever after on Amazon than if you sell on the FBM.

Here are the main, but not the only reasons why you can be closed even by FBA, if you:

  • Ignore or do not respond to customer messages within 24 hours. If you sell in Germany, you must answer in German
  • Many returns for a negative reason (the Item is defective, product is not as described on the website, product does not meet customer expectations, counterfeit, etc.)
  • A lot of negative reviews on your products or on your store


How to avoid problems with metrics:

  • You immediately solve many problems by selling on FBA
  • Quickly respond to customer messages (put seller central mobile app on your phone)
  • Only sell super quality products, no concessions to quality
  • Constantly monitor the percentage of returns due to defects. Just stop selling on Amazon the products with refunds due to the defects> 1% and find out what is wrong. Do you sell on Amazon and still do not know where and how to see it? You run into trouble!
  • Examine all Amazon reports thoroughly and check them every week. If you have problems in the business, you can see them in these reports and react on time

Sale of prohibited items

If you do not have an actual evidence that you can sell the product on Amazon, do not sell it.

 The following reasons are not enough to decide to sell a product:

  • Someone already sells a similar product on Amazon
  • It seems obvious that the product can be sold

These 2 reasons cannot be guided because:

  • Amazon rules are constantly changing
  • Different sellers have different permissions privileges for selling products
  • Amazon rules are not always logical

Sale of fake goods

Do you have an invoice from an authorized distributor or supplier? You should not sell Nike sneakers purchased from an unofficial Nike distributor. Any of your competitors or customers may file a complaint against you that you are selling a fake. Only an invoice from the official distributor will save you in this situation.

The existence of patents for a product falls under the same clause. The Chinese do not care who sells or they themselves may not know that a particular product design has a patent. Ask the supplier about the availability of patents for this product (usually they are still aware), look for the presence of patents from competitors in Amazon.

Selling products with healing qualities

Amazon carefully monitors that all products comply with FDA regulations  (meaning the United States – the FDA is an American organization). You should be aware that all the ingredients in your product pass the FDA rules. Also, do not make statements in listings that your product cures incurable diseases.



Selling products that do not match the listing

You will receive returns “Product is not as described on the website”, which is very bad. It is recommended that after receiving 3 such returns on the listing – stop selling and start searching the reason, and only after correcting the reason, start selling again. By the way, you can ask customers why they chose this option when returning (just don’t ask six months after the return, they won’t remember).

Everything in the listing, especially the pictures, should correspond to what the client receives.

Also do not sell used goods as new.


Customer withdrawal from Amazon site

You cannot lure customers away from Amazon in any way:

  • You cannot indicate your website on pictures, listings, product packaging, or the product itself
  • You cannot lead customers to your site in post-communication or messages through the Amazon platform
  • Or any other way

Copyright violation – use of other people’s images without the written permission of the owner

Do not copy other people’s listings, write your own. Do not use other people’s pictures. Do your own.

In addition to closing your account on Amazon, you can be sued for a decent fine. Just keep in mind that theft of intellectual property is taken very seriously.

What else should you know?

Always read Amazon notifications and warnings regarding your account productivity and health metrics. And take them very seriously!

Respond to the negative feedback of your store instantly (not to be confused with product reviews) and try to remove this feedback in any legitimate way. Put a program that will inform you about receiving negative feedback on your store.

If the buyer wants money back for the goods, just return them to him. Do not mind and do not argue, just sympathize, apologize and return the money back.

Always be polite and sympathetic in correspondence with clients, even if the client is wrong. Then, thank them for their patience and for giving you the opportunity to correct your mistake.

Set up post-sales communication and inform the client that you are ready to help him or return the money if he is not happy with anything. Thus, you intercept a dissatisfied customer before he goes and complains to amazon. Also, at this stage you should ask to leave a feedback on the product if the customer is satisfied.

If you suspect that you are violating something of the above-mentioned points, it is recommended that you either stop selling on a problematic listing or suspend sales on Amazon in general until you solve the problem. 

So, what to do if you are banned?

Whatever the reason for the ban is, unban is carried out only by contacting Amazon support and explaining the whole situation to them. If there is no excuse for your situation, honest confessions and promises of “not doing this again” often help. But the human factor also plays a role here. It all depends on the mood of the person who will communicate with you. In any case, you can always write again later.