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Best Smart 4K TV Sticks

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Fire TV is a great Internet set-top box for your TV in a miniature stick format. This tiny gadget gives you the opportunity to watch YouTube and torrents in 4K, has auto freight, certification in all relevant services, including NetFlix, supports 5.1 sound, HDR and Dolby Vision – in general, its functionality is not much inferior to full-size counterparts. Despite the modest hardware (a processor from MTK and 1.5 GB of RAM), all the declared functions on Fire TV work absolutely correctly, it even pulls games.

Also, the device captivates with a convenient remote control, but there is a serious minus – the interface and voice search here are only in English. If you are ready to work a bit with a file and flash mode a stick according to instructions from the Internet, for your money it can be one of the best options. But keep in mind that due to the lack of a wired connection, a good Wi-Fi router is needed in conjunction with Fire TV.

Apple TV Gen 4 32GB

The description of expensive consoles would certainly be
imperfect without mentioning the products of the world-famous company Apple, and Apple TV Gen 4 32GB in particular.

What has always distinguished Apple products is the design, thought out to the smallest detail, a large set of features, high quality software.

The Apple TV Gen 4 32GB is a prime example. If we talk about the external
component, both the main module and the control panel, it is extremely difficult to find something like this among competitors.

High level system capabilities. Sensors gyroscope, accelerometer is already integrated. Initially, some online cinemas are available, although some of them are paid.

In addition, Apple TV Gen 4 will be an indispensable purchase for those who work on the MacBook as it supports AirPlay, iCloud.


  • Play video without delay, even if it is of high quality;
  • Support for popular services Appstore, Apple music, AirPlay, iCloud, HBO, Showtime; Netflix, Hulu;
  • You can enter text through iPhone or iPad;
  • Colorful screensavers during standby time;
  • Great gaming features;
  • Large 32 GB memory.


  • Lack of support for 4K format;
  • You cannot work with popular browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox;
  • AirPlay support only with models released after 2013;
  • Siri is only English speaking;
  • You cannot recharge the remote control from the USB port;
  • The lack of a USB connector;
  • The lack of an optical connector for audio devices.

Nvidia Shield TV 2024

The rating of Android consoles continues to Shield TV 2024 – a novelty from Nvidia, which has absolutely all modern technologies. We will not list a bunch of supported formats, we only note the presence of the correct auto freight and the technology of intelligent scaling that is absent from competitors, which converts content in low resolution to 4K. Due to this, Shield TV wins in terms of picture quality over more affordable analogues, but the presence of a gigabit Ethernet port will allow you not to spend money on an expensive router.

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