How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick?

How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick?

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This article talks about how to install the Kodi app on your Fire Stick. This will allow you to use the Kodi app on your Amazon Fire TV. To install Kodi on your Fire TV, you need to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources, which may increase the risk of accidentally downloading a malicious or unsupported app.

Three Parts

Part 1. Permission to install Kodi on your TV

1. Turn on your Fire TV

· You will be taken to the Amazon Fire TV home screen.

2. Go to “Settings” and select them

· These are five tabs to the right of the main screen. The Settings menu opens.

3. Go to applications

· The “Applications” menu opens.

4. Select “Collect Application Usage Data”

· This is the top option in the Applications menu. A popup will appear.

5. Select “Disable” when prompted.

6. Return to the Settings menu

· To do this, click the back button.

7. Go to “Device” and select it

· The “Device” menu opens.

8. Scroll down to the developer options and select it

· It is located at the top of the “Device” menu.

9. Select ADB to debug

· This will turn it on.

· If you see ON below this option, ADB debugging is already enabled.

10. Scroll down and select “Applications from unknown sources”

· A popup will appear.

· If you see “ON” below “Applications from unknown sources”, you do not need to enable it.

11. Select “Enable”

· This will install applications that are not supported on the Play Store, including Kodi.

12. Return to the Amazon home screen

· Press the ‘Back’ button until you reach the main screen, or click the “Home” button, if available.

Part 2. Installing the Downloader Application

1. Open search

  • Select the Search tab, a text box will appear.

2. Enter the word Downloader into the search

  • As you type, you will see a list of application suggestions under the on-screen keyboard.

3. Select Downloader

  • This should be the only application sentence under the keyboard. This is a search in the app store for the Downloader app.

4. Select the Downloader application

This is an orange box with the word “Downloader” with a big arrow on it

  • Selecting this application will open the application page.

5. Select “Receive” or “Download”

  • Downloading the Downloader app to your Fire TV starts.

6. Select “Open”

  • This option will appear when the application is downloaded, select it to open the Downloader application from which you can download the Kodi application.

Part 3. Installing Kodi

1. When prompted, select “OK”

2. Select a URL entry field

· Press the middle button of your remote control to open the on-screen keyboard.

3. Enter your Kodi download address

· Enter in the URL field, then select Go. You will be taken to the Kodi webpage.

4. When prompted, select “OK”

· Now you can interact with the web page.

5. Scroll to Android icon and select it

6. Scroll down and select Android again

· The Kodi for Android download page opens.

7. Scroll down and select ARMV7A (32BIT)

· This is below the Kodi v17.4 Krypton title. Kodi will start loading onto your Fire Stick.

· If you have a larger box for Amazon Fire TV (rather than a Fire Stick), you will choose 64BIT.

8. Select INSTALL

· The installation of Kodi will begin and full installation process takes only a few seconds, after which you can open Kodi by selecting OPEN at the bottom of the screen.

· Press the ☰ button on the remote control when prompted to open Kodi.