The Best Wireless Headphones

The Best Wireless Headphones

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Bluetooth-earphones are not inferior to wired in sound, but give complete freedom of movement. Manufacturers offer gadgets for every taste: for a smartphone, TV, game console and many other devices, options with wireless charging, with built-in memory. We decided to compare the popular Bluetooth models and choose the best wireless headphones in 2020 in terms of sound quality and ease of use.

When compiling the review, attention was mainly paid to functionality, external data, sound transmission, build reliability and cost. 

Xiaomi TWSEJ04LS Redmi Airdots (Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic)

  • inexpensive;
  • with closed acoustic design;
  • universality of synchronization.

Model of the Chinese brand Xiaomi leads the category of the best budget wireless headphones that work via Bluetooth. The white earbuds gadget fit comfortably into your ears. The device comes with a recharge case, which is also a storage case. Headphones are connected to it after four hours of battery operation.

Touch control, voice assistant is possible. The speakers are equipped with neodymium magnets, which gives high-quality sound. The device synchronizes with any devices that support Bluetooth. Additional advantages of Xiaomi Redmi AirDots (Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic) are the use of only one “ear”, protection against accidental clicks, a built-in infrared sensor that leads to sleep mode with a long absence of activity.

The cheapest device with a good sound in the review is suitable for those who are looking for a balance of price – quality and are not ready to overpay.

Reviews... Users appreciated the protection against extraneous noise, the convenience of "droplets", fast synchronization, and the use of only one headphone.


  • Low price;
  • Ease of use;
  • Touch and voice control;
  • Saving battery power in sleep mode.


  • Despite the good sound, picky music lovers will not go fo it.

Best Docooler Huawei FreeLace Wireless Earphone HiPair Technology BT5.0, Sports Wireless Headphones

  • anatomically comfortable form of ear pads;
  • 11 hours without recharging;
  • clear sound with good bass.

If you choose the best wireless headphones for sports, overheads will not work. The ideal option would be the Docooler Huawei in-Ear Headphones, working via Bluetooth. This is the leader in wireless headphones in the ranking of the best for sports. The gadget with a microphone is integrated via Bluetooth 5.0 with a smartphone or tablet at a distance of up to 10 m.

You can not only listen to music, but also receive incoming calls. To control the device is equipped with a built-in remote control with volume controls. It adopts 3C high-performance tiny little lithium battery, charging for 5 minutes, playing for up to 4 hours, full power can listen to songs for 18 hours in a row, and in standby mode up to 10 days. The power of the device with a long operating mode is enough not only for a run, but also for a camping trip.

Docooler Huawei FreeLace black has a built-in membrane that guarantees high sound quality, suppresses external noise and amplifies bass. Audibility is clear, clear, without interference and “stethoscope effect”. Thanks to the supplied USB cable, the device is connected to a charger, personal computer or laptop. Also, the device is equipped with spare ear pads, a protective case.

Sports headphones comfortably “sit” in the ear, will not fall out even with the most intense workouts. They look stylish, weigh a little – only 27g. When you are not using the device, it can be fixed on the neck. They are protected from water and sweat, so they are suitable not only for the gym, but also for outdoor activities in bad weather. With all the advantages, headphones are affordable.

Long-playing headphones are suitable for those who want to enjoy their favorite tracks when playing sports.

Reviews... Users note good sound, ease of use, lack of discomfort, a decent microphone, long work without recharging. These advantages are usually five times more expensive for accessories.


  • Do not press, do not fall out;
  • With great sound;
  • Protected from moisture;
  • With high power battery.


  • The power indicator is too bright, which makes it difficult to listen to music in the dark.

Best bluetooth headphones for computer and laptop JBL T450BT

  • A budget option;
  • Fold compactly;
  • Range of reproduced frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Inexpensive and at the same time high-quality on-ear headphones are produced in black, white, bright blue. Due to its high quality at a low price, the JBL T450BT can be called the best Bluetooth headphones for a computer or laptop. The closed type of acoustic design is combined with the range of reproduced frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

A device with a large battery: the battery life is 11 hours. The range of the JBL T450BT can reach 10 meters, excellent synchronization with PCs and laptops. The model is complemented by a dual built-in microphone with a fixed mount in the housing.

Overhead ear pads are mounted on a comfortable wide headband. The headset folds up for easy carrying. At the same time, the cups turn not only inward, but also sideways, which makes the device compact when folded.

Weight is 320 grams. The kit includes a USB charging cable in case of emergency battery discharge.

We recommend the gadget to students: it is convenient for studying at home and in the library, compact, inexpensive. And in your free time you can listen to music in good quality.

Reviews... Owners are pleased with the ability to fold compactly, surround sound, good battery capacity. The device cuts off extraneous noise.


  • Color for choice;
  • Folded compactness;
  • Closed acoustic design with a wide frequency range;
  • Good synchronization with computers and laptops.


  • Big weight – 320 g;
  • Not moisture resistant.

How to choose a wireless Bluetooth headphone

When thinking about which headphones to choose, first of all remember that high-quality gadgets without a wire should not come very cheap. Unless there is a reason.

Thanks to modern technology, Bluetooth earphones are no worse in sound than wired ones. Therefore, deciding what is best to buy, wireless or wired devices, rely on personal preferences for convenience.

There are two types of wireless headphones: internal and external. The first are inserted into the ears, they are small in size, suitable for an active lifestyle. The second are superimposed on the auricles, held on the rim, and are distinguished by good sound insulation. More suitable for working on a computer, can synchronize with a TV. These are best preferred for small ears. There are professional options of this type, called monitor. They are needed to control the quality of acoustics; they are used in recording studios.

As for the internal models, they are divided into two types: plug-in and intra-channel. The popular name of the first is liners or buttons. Keep shallow in the auricle, simple, inexpensive. The second type is inserted into the ear canal. They are also called vacuum, plugs, droplets. They hold on better than the first, so they should be taken for sports training: for running, fitness, even for swimming

Bluetooth version. The higher the index, the better the sound quality. Also, the new generation models are characterized by long run times. In addition, you need to consider which codes the gadget supports - aptX, A2DP, LDAC. This is important if headphones are selected for music.

Synchronization with a sound producing device. Before choosing wireless headphones for your phone, check if the working platforms of the gadgets match. There are options for android, for iPhone OS, universal.

Built-in microphone. If you need a complete headset with the ability to conduct dialogue, stop the choice on the model with a microphone.

Protection against external noise. Active noise canceling devices ensure that ambient sounds are not placed to enjoy your favorite tunes. But such models consume battery power faster.

Cable connection. Allows you to not interrupt the operation of the device if the battery is low. But the presence of a special audio jack is provided only on overhead headphones.

Selection tips can be obtained in the store, after reading the reviews of experts, owners of gadgets. Also analyze the characteristics by purpose: which models are better for sports, for a computer, for listening to music. Brands are also important: accessories of well-known companies are better in quality. The ranking of manufacturers is headed by: Apple, Sony, Xiaomi, Beats, Samsung.

Beats Powerbeats Pro - Great Bluetooth devices

Stylish vacuum headphones are available in white, black, olive, navy blue. This is another variation of airpods, but unlike the previous model, Beats Powerbeats Pro is a premium device. The Apple H1 processor provides stable operation, as well as the ability to voice control functionality. The device acts as a headset thanks to the microphone enclosed in the case.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro is designed to be securely attached to your ears even during training. The device has clear sound, especially when paired with the iPhone due to the use of the AAC codec and H1 chip. It works autonomously up to nine hours. A special case acts as a charging station with the ability to quickly recharge. The gadget is equipped with useful options: noise isolation, protection against water and sweat.

We recommend athletes who value comfortable workouts to the music.

Reviews... The owners appreciated the quality sound, the absence of extraneous noise, the speed of connection to a sound-transmitting device, the convenience of a voice assistant. The design does not allow the "ears" to fall out even with intense training.


  • the presence of an H1 chip;
  • sound quality;
  • comfortable, secure fit.


  • High price.

Samsung Galaxy Buds - Convenient and compact earplugs

Due to its convenience and compactness, the model rightly enters the rating of Bluetooth headphones in the top category. The headset is sold in an ergonomic battery case with wireless charging. It fits easily in your jeans pocket or elegant bag. This model of headphones-plugs is performed in different shades with beautiful names: onyx, cream, citrus.

The device is equipped with a dual microphone, filters out extraneous sounds while talking on the phone. There is no need to lower the volume of the music to hear what is happening around. The background sound function will help not to lose touch with the outside world. Samsung Galaxy Buds is touch-sensitive, you can connect a voice assistant. It syncs quickly with sound transmitting devices via Bluetooth version 5.0. Headphones work autonomously up to 6 hours.

The gadget is suitable for a stylish woman who loves music and talking on the phone.

Reviews... Owners praise speed, quality of connection with the main device, good sound, clear suppression of extraneous noise.


  • compact sizes;
  • stylish design;
  • case with wireless charging.


  • Picky music lovers will not appreciate the sound quality.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II - overhead with a dual microphone

Simplicity and elegance is the motto of this exterior type model, available in black and silver. The on-ear headphones with dual voice recorder are comfortable to fit. On the head they sit perfectly, the ears are completely placed inside the ear cushions. The headband hardly presses on the top of the head. The device is very durable, it can be bent without breaking. For a full-size headset, it’s quite lightweight – only 235 g. The battery is powerful – without recharging the Bose QuietComfort 35 II lasts up to 20 hours. When the battery is running out, a cord is used.

There is a button on the left ear cushion that allows you to launch the Google Assistant, which notifies you of notifications, without using a smartphone. IPhone users can connect to Siri. The connection quality is reliable even with phone calls. Good bass, clear midrange, clear, loud vocals. There is an active noise reduction function with adjustable.


We recommend to connoisseurs of stylish and functional devices, who are ready not to be petty for the sake of quality.

Reviews... Users praise the comfort of operation, stylish design, duration of work without recharging. But most importantly - high-quality sound at different frequencies without extraneous noise.


  • Good sound insulation;
  • High-quality sound at all frequencies;
  • Duration of work without recharging.


  • High price.


Before choosing an accessory, decide what you need it for: for sports, for listening to music or for working on a computer. Indeed, it is worth starting from this when analyzing the parameters of the gadget. So, it is important for athletes that the “ears” do not fall out, for music lovers – the sound quality, and working headsets should connect quickly, keep in touch with the main device.

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