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Grain AI A tool for teams to summarize client meetings

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Grain AI Description

Grain AI is an artificial intelligence-based tool that helps teams uncover the value in client meetings. It provides precise summaries of client meetings, allowing users to easily recall, highlight key points, and share them. Grain also assists users in quickly navigating to key moments in client conversations and obtaining necessary information within seconds. It also enables teams to effortlessly share client information through summaries in one click, allowing them to consider client insights in every decision-making process.

Grain AI automatically summarizes client meetings, enabling teams to quickly capture key moments and gain valuable insights. It offers intuitive reports on client meetings, allowing users to easily recall, capture important moments, and share them. With Grain AI, users can navigate to key moments and obtain necessary information within seconds. It provides a knowledge library with search capabilities and clip-sharing.

Grain AI also allows users to quickly exchange customer feedback and opinions with relevant teams through platforms like Slack, Notion, etc. This enables analysis of every decision and allows teams to easily hear the voice of the customer.

Answers to Questions about Grain AI

How does Grain AI summarize client meetings?

Grain AI effectively summarizes client meetings by providing automatic notes on key moments and takeaways from these meetings. This eliminates the need for manual note-taking and allows you to focus more on the conversation.

What does the automatic notes feature of Grain AI do?

The automatic notes feature of Grain AI automatically generates summaries of client meetings, allowing users to forego manual note-taking and instead focus on the current conversation. This feature makes it easy to recall, share, and review key moments and ideas from meetings.

How does Grain AI help you remember key meeting moments?

Grain AI helps you remember key moments by providing a knowledge library of client meetings that can be easily searched. This transcript search feature, combined with the ability to clip key moments and share them, allows users to easily revisit important moments, providing the necessary context and understanding gleaned from conversations.

How can users share important meeting moments with Grain AI?

Users can share important meeting moments with Grain AI by clipping key parts of the meeting summary and sharing them with relevant parties. This can be done through various communication platforms such as Slack and Notion.

Does Grain AI allow for feedback exchange via Slack and Notion?

Yes, Grain AI enables users to efficiently share customer feedback and opinions with relevant teams via communication platforms like Slack and Notion.

What does Grain AI Transcript Search do?

The Grain AI Transcript Search feature provides a convenient and intuitive way to search for specific information or key moments in the meeting summary. This feature allows users to search for keywords or phrases in the transcript, navigate to those moments in the conversation, and share a short excerpt if needed.

How does Grain AI facilitate access to the customer’s voice?

Grain AI facilitates access to the customer’s voice by providing detailed reports on client meetings, highlighting key moments and ideas. These summaries provide a clear understanding of customer feedback, help in decision-making, and consider the customer’s perspective in every discussion.

Is Grain AI available for free?

While the website offers a “Try Grain for Free” option, it does not explicitly state whether Grain AI can be used for free permanently or if this offer is time-limited.

Who can use Grain AI?

Grain AI can be used by various professionals and teams within an organization. This includes individuals and teams involved in product and user research, customer success, sales, recruitment, and remote work.

How Grain AI Can Assist in Recruitment?

Grain AI can aid in recruitment by summarizing meetings with potential candidates. This helps gather key information about candidate responses, qualifications, and suitability for the position. However, more detailed information is not provided on the website without contextual information.

What Type of Integration Does Grain AI Offer?

The specific type of integration offered by Grain AI is not explicitly stated on the website, but it mentions that users can share their ideas with relevant teams through platforms such as Slack and Notion.

What Security Measures Are Implemented in Grain AI?

Specific details about the security measures implemented by Grain AI are not disclosed on the website.

How Can Remote Teams Benefit from Grain AI?

Remote teams can benefit from Grain AI due to its ability to effectively summarize virtual meetings, allowing team members, regardless of location, to track key ideas and discussions. It also enables remote teams to easily share this knowledge through platforms like Slack and Notion.

Can I Access Customer Stories or Thematic Research Related to Grain AI?

Yes, customer stories related to Grain AI can be found on the Resources tab on the website. They contain real feedback and usage examples from satisfied users.

Is There a Knowledge Base for Grain AI?

Yes, a knowledge base is available for Grain AI. A link to it can be found on the Resources tab on the website.

How Do I Register for Grain AI and What Is the Process?

To register for Grain AI, you can simply click the “Try for Free” or “Sign In” buttons on their website. The exact registration process is not directly mentioned on the site.

How Can Users Share Customer Information with Grain AI?

Users can share customer information with Grain AI by using the automatic notes feature to summarize meetings with clients and then share these summaries and information with relevant teams.

Who Are the Prominent Users of Grain AI?

Prominent users of Grain AI include product and user research groups from companies such as Zapier, Webflow, Clickup, AngelList, and Podium, as stated on the website.

Can Users Share Reviews of Grain AI on Social Platforms?

There is no explicit mention on the website about whether aggregated Grain AI data can be shared on social platforms.

What Is the Overall Benefit of Using Grain AI in Decision Making?

The main benefit of using Grain AI in decision-making is its ability to consider customer feedback in every decision. By providing detailed summaries of client meetings with search capabilities, Grain AI facilitates understanding customer feedback, aiding both short-term and long-term strategic planning.

Pros and Cons of Grain AI


  • Automated meeting summaries
  • Quick capture of key moments
  • Memory, retention, information exchange features
  • Instant access to key moments
  • Transcript library with search capability
  • Short clips for sharing
  • Integration with Slack, Notion
  • Advanced client information
  • Rapid customer feedback exchange
  • Access to customer’s voice
  • Shared summaries in one click
  • Unified knowledge library
  • Quick meeting analytics
  • Free version available
  • Integration with Zapier, Webflow, ClickUp
  • Loved by thousands of users
  • Deciphers client meetings
  • Focuses on conversation, not note-taking
  • Instant insights from interviews
  • Streamlined meeting summarization
  • Recruitment and onboarding support
  • Suitable for remote teams
  • Free trial available
  • Customer-centric decision-making
  • Social idea exchange
  • Used by product and user research groups
  • Customer-centric visibility


  • Depends on external platforms
  • Supports only specific platforms
  • Not usable in offline mode
  • Beta version stability issues
  • Limited library search
  • Lack of detailed special feature settings
  • Lack of multilingual support
  • Not suitable for small teams
  • Lacks flexibility for in-depth analysis