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Parseur – Tool for extracting text from documents

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Parseur is comprehensive software for document processing that automates text extraction from emails, PDF files, spreadsheets, and other documents. It is a code-free data extraction tool based on templates that can extract data from documents with various layouts and send them to thousands of applications through its connectors. Parseur features functions such as OCR, Zonal OCR, dynamic OCR, table extraction, ready-made templates, and more, making it suitable for analyzing large volumes of documents. Hundreds of companies around the globe utilize this software.

Parseur is software for automating data input that simplifies document processing and email analysis. It automates data extraction from various types of documents, allowing them to be immediately transferred to business applications.

Parseur is template-based, and users can use its point-and-click editor without code to create templates and instruct Parseur on which information to extract. Additionally, they can also use ready-made templates for configuration without a mouse click.

Parseur supports data extraction from various documents, including emails, PDF files, and invoices. The software boasts fast and accurate OCR software and dynamic OCR, enabling it to extract fields that move or resize.

Parseur also allows users to convert Google Alerts emails into Excel or Google Sheets, making it an indispensable tool for various companies. Parseur provides solutions for various data extraction needs and seamlessly integrates with platforms like Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, and Make.

The software offers a free trial period, and users can opt for paid plans as their needs scale. The platform has satisfied customers and user ratings on various review sites such as Capterra and GetApp, and users recommend it on G2.

Parseur promises to increase productivity, improve data input speed and quality, and reduce costs. Overall, Parseur is an ideal tool for companies that require software for automating data input, simplifying document processing, and analyzing complex information into structured data streams.

Answers to Parseur Questions

What is a parser?

Parseur is software for automating data input that simplifies document processing and email analysis. It uses automation to extract data from various documents, making them easily accessible for transmission to business applications. Parseur is widely used in various industries and plays an important role in transforming complex information into structured data streams.

What makes Parseur unique among data extraction tools?

Parseur stands out among data extraction tools due to its unique features, such as its code-free and point-and-click editor. This allows users to easily create templates and specify which data to extract using Parseur. It also boasts ready-made templates for configuration without a mouse click. Supporting a wide range of documents such as emails, PDF files, and invoices, it uses OCR and dynamic OCR software to extract fields that move or resize.

Can Parseur extract data from emails?

Yes, Parseur can extract data from emails. This capability expands the software’s capabilities, making it an ideal tool for companies that regularly process large volumes of emails and need to extract specific information from them.

How does the code-free syntax analysis editor work?

Parseur’s code-free editor allows users to create templates and instruct Parseur on which data to extract with ease and accuracy. This eliminates the need for any programming or technical skills, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

What is the advantage of template-based data extraction in Parseur?

With template-based data extraction, users can easily specify the information that the syntax analyzer should extract from documents. This feature is especially useful when working with a wide range of documents where information is located in different parts of the document. By inputting this extraction command only once, Parseur can perform the task repeatedly, saving time and reducing errors associated with manual processes.

Does Parseur offer ready-made templates?

Yes, Parseur offers ready-made templates. These templates speed up and simplify the setup process, allowing users to quickly define the type of data that needs to be extracted without having to create a template from scratch.

Can Parseur process PDF files and invoices for data extraction?

Yes, Parseur is capable of processing PDF files and invoices for data extraction. The software has built-in OCR software for extracting text from these types of documents, further expanding its capabilities to meet various business needs.

What is the role of OCR software in Parseur?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in Parseur plays a vital role by recognizing text in documents such as PDF files and images. OCR helps convert this text into a machine-readable format, enhancing the accuracy and speed of data retrieval.

What is dynamic text recognition in Parseur?

Dynamic text recognition in Parseur is an innovative feature that allows for extracting fields that move or change size. This adds another level of flexibility and intelligence to data extraction, making processing dynamic and adaptable documents easier and more accurate.

How does Parseur convert Google Alerts emails into Excel or Google Sheets?

Parseur can convert Google Alerts emails into Excel or Google Sheets by automating the extraction of relevant information from the email and formatting it in a way that can be directly inputted into Excel or Google Sheets. This capability provides companies with timely and efficient tools for collecting and using Google Alerts data.

Does Parseur offer a free trial version?

Yes, Parseur offers a free trial version. This allows potential users to evaluate the software’s capabilities and understand how it can fit into their business operations before moving to a paid plan.

What integrations are available with Parseur?

Parseur supports integration with several third-party applications such as Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, and Make. This integration allows for easy real-time transfer of processed data to various applications commonly used by enterprises.

Can Parseur handle processing large volumes of documents?

Yes, Parseur is fully equipped to handle large volumes of documents, providing fast and accurate results. It is a highly scalable tool capable of processing thousands of documents per minute, which is beneficial for enterprises needing to extract large volumes of data.

How can Parseur improve data input speed and quality?

Parseur improves data input speed and quality by automating the data extraction process from various types of documents. This reduces the likelihood of human error associated with manual data entry and allows enterprises to focus more on analysis and decision-making rather than data collection.

What are the specific use cases for Parseur?

Parseur can be used for various use cases such as extracting text from emails, and PDF files including invoices and bills of lading, as well as receipts into a structured data stream. It is also useful for converting Google Alerts emails into Excel or Google Sheets. Other specific applications include document processing for real estate enterprises, food ordering platforms, e-commerce websites, and human resources management.

How secure is data processing in Parseur?

Parseur provides a secure environment for data processing. It adheres to strict security and confidentiality protocols to ensure secure data processing and handling. One of its service’s distinguishing features is responsible data management.

What types of documents can Parseur process?

Parseur supports a variety of document types for processing. It is capable of efficiently processing documents such as emails, PDF files, text files, MS Word documents, HTML documents, and Internet web pages.

Is Parseur primarily used by enterprises?

Yes, Parseur is primarily used by companies of all sizes in various sectors due to its flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in automating data extraction from numerous document types.

Can Parseur be integrated with Microsoft Power Automate?

Yes, Parseur can be easily integrated with Microsoft Power Automate. This integration allows for the immediate transfer of extracted data to various business applications compatible with Microsoft Power Automate.

Pros and cons of Parseur


  • Automates the retrieval of various documents
  • Edit with point-and-click
  • Free customization with ready-made templates
  • Extracts from emails, PDFs, invoices
  • Fast and accurate text recognition
  • Dynamic text recognition for field changes
  • Converts Google alerts into Excel
  • Integrates with Zapier, Power Automate
  • Free trial version available
  • Data extraction solutions
  • Boosts work productivity
  • Increases data input speed
  • Reduces costs
  • Positive user ratings
  • Automatic layout detection
  • Extracts text from MS Word
  • Extracts text from HTML documents
  • Custom connectors for app integration
  • Pattern-based extraction
  • Extracts data from tables
  • Extracts repeating structures
  • Supports analysis of large document volumes
  • Zonal text recognition
  • Compatible with any cloud application
  • Can be used for robotic process automation
  • Can be used as part of EDC systems.


  • Template-based extraction only
  • No native mobile app
  • Limited number of ready-made templates.
  • Depends on integration
  • Moderate learning curve
  • May struggle with complex structures
  • Cost for high volumes of usage
  • Lack of intra-document navigation.
  • Limited document formats