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How to Install STV Player on LG Smart TV

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STV, formerly recognized as Scottish Television, stands as one of the longest-standing television channels in Scotland, managed by ITV. Like other free-to-air public television networks in the UK, it has its own streaming service named STV Player, where digital viewers can watch STV programs live and on-demand.

STV Player is free across the UK and supports major platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, connected TVs, streaming media players, and computers through web browsers.

If you own an LG Smart TV,you’re fortunate, as this guide will take you through the steps to access STV Player on your LG television.

What STV Player Offers on LG Smart TV?

STV Player is ideal for viewing dramas, documentaries, series, entertainment, and sports content. With over 3.5 million registered users, it’s a leading video-on-demand platform in Scotland.

On your LG Smart TV, STV Player lets you stream your favourite shows and on-demand content from Channel 3. This includes popular series like “Coronation Street” and “Emmerdale,” engaging dramas like “Shetland” and popular series such as “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The Masked Singer.”

The platform provides access to original Scottish productions broadcasted across England and Ireland, including titles such as “Spy Among Friends,” “Litvinenko,” “Wealth,” “Confessions of Frannie Langton,” and “A Year on Planet Earth,” among others.

STV Player also provides numerous hours of content critically acclaimed domestic and international box sets featuring some of the biggest TV stars. Its extensive on-demand catalogue includes cult classics like “High Road” and “Taggart.”

The best part about STV Player is its ad-supported model, enabling you to enjoy its entire content library for free. However, the WebOS version has some limitations, which we’ll discuss below.

Limitations of STV Player on LG TVs

Full access to STV Player includes live access to STV channels and STV +1 and coverage of some of the most anticipated sports events on STV Sport. The WebOS app on LG TVs lacks the live channel feature, presumably due to technical constraints.

One way to bypass the issue of live STV channels’ unavailability is to use a Freeview antenna (in the broadcasting zone of Scotland) connected to your LG TV. This way, you can tune in to linear STV programming and live sports broadcasts and enjoy up to 30 days of updates, on-demand box sets, and original exclusives in the broadcaster’s streaming service.

Another missing feature in the STV On LG TV, the streaming app equivalent to the STV Player+ subscription service is the STV Player+, offering an ad-free experience and additional features ads from additional series, box sets, and archival programs. As of the writing of this article, STV Player+ subscribers couldn’t avail of Freeview benefits, but they promised to provide support in the future.

How to Install STV Player on LG Smart TV?

STV Player is supported on LG TVs certified for Freeview Play (2016 or newer), running WebOS 3.0 or later. Every retail device in the UK comes with the STV Player pre-installed alongside other TV apps. However, if, for any reason, the app is not installed on your LG Smart TV, follow these steps to get it:

  • Press the “Home” button on the LG TV remote to open the dashboard.
  • Scroll down to the “Apps List” section on the dashboard and select “Apps.”
  • For older versions of WebOS, find the LG Content Store and click on it.
  • Navigate to the “Entertainment” tab in the content store and browse through the catalogue to find STV Player. Alternatively, click the search button (magnifying glass) above, then enter “STV Player” in the search field using the on-screen keyboard.
  • On the STV Player app preview screen, press “Install.” This will take a little time.
  • Click “Launch” to open STV Player directly from the content store. Alternatively, go back to the TV control panel and scroll to the right end of the “Apps List” row, where you’ll find the STV Player app icon.
  • Select the “Edit App List” option, pick STV Player, reposition it at the top of the app list, and hit the OK button on the remote to validate the modification. This ensures swift access to the application.

Note: The steps outlined above are executed on an LG Smart TV using WebOS 22. However, they can also be applied, to some extent, to models operating on WebOS 6.0 and earlier versions. Old NetCast models are not supported.

How to Activate STV Player on LG TV

The next step for streaming STV Player content on LG TV is its activation. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Begin by launching STV Player from the LG TV control panel. You can start it from your TV’s Free view Play interface (channel 100).
  • Go to the settings tab situated in the upper right corner, choose the corresponding option. that reads “Join STV/Sign In.” This action will display a distinctive 5-digit code on your screen.
  • Visit the link my. stv. TV/activate from your mobile phone or computer. If you are not logged in, input your email address and click Continue.
  • If you have yet to register on STV Player, this will take you to the registration form, where you’ll need to input your name, date of birth, and postal code and create a password. Once you fill out the form, select your marketing preferences and click Join STV.
  • Continue entering the 5-digit code displayed on the STV Player app on your LG TV and click Continue.

Upon seeing the confirmation message on the activation website, you will be automatically logged into STV Player on your LG TV. Now, you can watch STV dramas on demand and browse through all its free ad-supported exclusive content – categorized and in alphabetical order.

Watching STV Player on LG Smart TV via AirPlay

You’re in luck if you have an LG Smart TV model with built-in AirPlay 2. Using the STV Player app on your iPhone or iPad (operating on iOS or iPadOS 12.0 or a later version), you can stream playlists, box sets, and live TV broadcasts to your big screen.

Viewing STV Player on a compatible LG UHD, NanoCell, or OLED TV via AirPlay takes just a few steps. To make sure your iPhone/iPad and LG Smart TV are connected to the same home network, follow these instructions:

  • Open the STV Player app on the main screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Choose the live broadcast channel or on-demand content you want to play.
  • Below the playback panel, the AirPlay icon should appear. Tap on it and select your LG TV with AirPlay 2 support.

Unfortunately, if you have an Android-based phone or tablet, you won’t be able to cast from the STV Player app to your LG TV as AirPlay is not supported on Android. And while STV Player supports casting via Chromecast, no LG Smart TV model currently features built-in Chromecast.

Enjoy STV Player on LG TV!

STV Player on LG Smart TV, offering over 1500 hours of free on-demand box sets, documentaries, and broadcasts from the last 30 days,is an essential streaming application, regardless of whether you live in Scotland or any other part of the UK.You’ll need a broadband connection with speeds of at least 5 Mbps for optimal streaming quality.

Consider purchasing a multimedia streaming device if you have an older model or an LG TV without Smart TV functionality. Android TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, or supported Freesat, Freeview Play, or YouView boxes are ideal for accessing STV Player and numerous other streaming apps.

 Note: STV Player is available on Sky and Virgin Media TV boxes.