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MetaVoice Studio Voice changer

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Description of MetaVoice Studio

Users can record their voice or upload a file to produce a personalized voice clip using this tool. It offers a free plan with 6 voices, a 30-second clip, and a non-commercial license. Paid plans include 8 voices, a 10-minute clip, a commercial license, and custom voices (coming soon). It also offers corporate solutions with custom pricing, API access, and customization support.

MetaVoice Studio is a high-quality platform for voice modulation using artificial intelligence for creators, designed to help them create studio-quality voiceovers and customize their online identity.

It combines hyper-realistic human voices, enabling creators to express emotions in their work. The platform features a voice alteration function using artificial intelligence in a single click, which can instantly transform any input signal into studio-quality voiceover.

For best results, it is recommended to speak in a normal voice into a good-quality microphone. MetaVoice Studio is accessible on Twitter and Discord, providing users with a starting point.

Answers to MetaVoice Studio Questions

What is MetaVoice Studio?

MetaVoice Studio is a high-quality platform for voice customization based on artificial intelligence. It helps content creators create studio-quality voiceovers and personalize their online presence.

What is the goal of MetaVoice Studio?

The goal of MetaVoice Studio is to help creators create studio-quality voiceovers. It allows users to customize their online identity and express emotions in their work using realistic human voices.

What voices does the MetaVoice Studio platform offer?

The MetaVoice Studio platform offers ultra-realistic human voices. It aims to enable creators to project emotions and create captivating impressions through voiceovers.

How does the voice alteration feature work in MetaVoice Studio?

The voice alteration feature of MetaVoice Studio uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to modify user input data. It can instantly transform your normal voice into a studio-quality voiceover.

How is it recommended to use the voice alteration feature of MetaVoice Studio for best results?

To use the voice alteration feature of MetaVoice Studio for best results, it is recommended to speak in a normal voice into a good-quality microphone. This ensures optimal capture and conversion of the user’s voice.

Can MetaVoice Studio be used for professional voiceover work?

Yes, MetaVoice Studio can indeed be used for professional voiceover work. High-quality, realistic human voices are designed to meet the needs of professional voiceover artists.

What is the AI voice changer feature in MetaVoice Studio?

The one-click AI voice changer from MetaVoice Studio is a feature that allows users to instantly transform any input into studio-quality voiceover using artificial intelligence. Its goal is to make the process of changing your voice simple and instantaneous.

How do you access MetaVoice Studio?

MetaVoice Studio is available online via their website, accessible at

Is MetaVoice Studio present on social media?

Yes, MetaVoice Studio is present on social media. Specifically, it is present on Twitter under the handle @themetavoice.

How do I get started with MetaVoice Studio?

To begin with MetaVoice Studio, users should visit their website at and follow the “Getting Started” instructions provided.

Does MetaVoice Studio offer any plans or packages?

Yes, MetaVoice Studio offers plans or packages. However, specific information about this is not provided in the given information.

How can you use artificial intelligence to create voiceovers in MetaVoice Studio?

Artificial intelligence is used to create voiceovers in MetaVoice Studio by inputting user data and then applying advanced algorithms to process and modify the voice, resulting in a high-quality, realistic human voice.

Is MetaVoice Studio available on platforms such as Twitter and Discord?

Yes, MetaVoice Studio is available on platforms such as Twitter and Discord. It interacts with its user base and shares updates through these platforms.

What is the quality of the voiceovers created by MetaVoice Studio?

The voice quality produced by MetaVoice Studio is considered to be studio-grade. This indicates high-quality, realistic, and professional voice output.

How MetaVoice Studio can help creators express emotions through voiceover?

MetaVoice Studio assists creators in expressing emotions through voiceover by utilizing its artificial intelligence to generate hyper-realistic, human-like voices capable of conveying a wide range of emotions, thereby enhancing communication with their audience.

How customizable is MetaVoice Studio’s voice modulation tool?

While specific details regarding customization parameters are not available, MetaVoice Studio is described as a top-down voice modulation platform. This suggests that it likely offers various settings and options to adapt the generated voice according to user requirements.

How MetaVoice Studio can change and improve the user’s voice?

MetaVoice Studio changes and enhances the user’s voice using an AI-based voice modulation tool. This feature swiftly processes the user’s voice input and transforms it into a high-quality, realistic voiceover.

Where can I find MetaVoice Studio on Discord?

MetaVoice Studio can be found on Discord at

Are there any specific hardware requirements for using MetaVoice Studio?

The only specified hardware requirement for MetaVoice Studio is a good-quality microphone to achieve the best results. Other details regarding hardware requirements are not provided.

Pros and Cons of MetaVoice Studio


  • High-quality voice output
  • Customizable online identity
  • Emotion expression through voice
  • One-click voice alteration
  • Instant input transformation
  • Tips for achieving the best results
  • Integration with Twitter
  • Integration with Discord
  • Human-like voices
  • Made for creators
  • Voice editing platform
  • Instructions for optimal usage


  • No mobile application
  • Limited social media integration
  • Dependent on microphone quality
  • No demo version available
  • Cannot be used offline
  • Limited voice customization options
  • Lack of multilingual support
  • No API for developers
  • Does not work in real-time
  • Support only for Twitter and Discord