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Description of Spheroid:

Spheroid Universe is a tool that enables users to create AI-powered avatars in augmented reality. These avatars can be utilized for various purposes including business, education, advertising, and entertainment. Users can create avatars by selecting a space, and a 3D model, adding personality traits, and training them to interact with users. Avatars can communicate with users through voice chat and understand natural language. Spheroid Universe also offers a communication tool and an augmented reality app called XR Hub for publishing and inviting people to visit avatars in the real world.

Spheroid AI Avatars:

Spheroid AI Avatars is an artificial intelligence tool enabling users to design and personalize 3D avatars with the ability to speak, interact, and perceive their surroundings in augmented reality. The technology enables users to place their personalized avatars anywhere in the real world and interact with them through voice chat or other interactive controls.

There are various use cases for Spheroid AI avatars such as customer service, entertainment, education, advertising, and business. The tool allows users to create personalized and engaging experiences by customizing the appearance, voice, personality, and behaviour of avatars. To start creating AI-powered avatars with Spheroid AI Avatars, users first select a location in the real world, choose a 3D model from the library or upload their own, add personality traits and character descriptions, and share their avatars for interaction with others.

The XR Hub augmented reality app enables users to visualize and communicate with their avatars via mobile devices. Additionally, Spheroid Warp streamlines the creation and deployment of AR/XR content globally. Potential benefits of using Spheroid AI avatars in augmented reality include improving customer service and satisfaction, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty, improving learning outcomes and retention, fostering creativity and self-expression, and simply providing enjoyment.

Answers to Spheroid Questions:

What are Spheroid AI Avatars?

Spheroid AI Avatars are artificial intelligence tools that enable users to create and customize interactive 3D avatars. These avatars can speak, recognize speech, and exist in augmented reality. Users can customize the appearance, voice, personality, and behaviour of avatars according to their requirements.

How do Spheroid AI Avatars work?

With Spheroid AI Avatars, users can initially choose a real-world physical location where they wish to position their avatars. Then users can choose a 3D model from the available library or upload their model. To make their avatar interactive and personalized, they can add personality traits and character descriptions. The final avatar can then be published and made available for interaction with other users through voice chat or other interactive controls via the XR Hub AR app.

What can I use Spheroid AI Avatars for?

Spheroid AI avatars have numerous use cases including but not limited to customer service, education, advertising, entertainment, and business. Avatars can be used as a tool to improve customer service, promote education, create unique advertising campaigns, provide entertainment, and present businesses uniquely and interactively.

How do I start creating avatars using Spheroid AI Avatars?

To create an avatar using Spheroid AI Avatars, start by selecting a location in the real world where you want to place your avatar. Then choose a 3D model from the available library or upload your model. Next, add personality traits and character descriptions to your avatar. Finally, publish your avatar, preparing it for interaction with others in augmented reality.

What is the XR Hub augmented reality app?

XR Hub is an augmented reality app that allows users to view their created avatars and interact with them. Using this app, users can interact with their avatars through voice chat and other interactive controls on their mobile devices.

What role does Spheroid Warp play in the creation and launch of AR/XR content?

Spheroid Warp plays an essential role in the creation and launch of AR/XR content. This tool simplifies the process of creating and distributing AR/XR content anywhere in the world. It is user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge, allowing users to easily create and deploy their own AR/XR capabilities.

What are the potential benefits of using Spheroid AI avatars in augmented reality?

Using Spheroid AI avatars in augmented reality can lead to numerous benefits such as improving customer service and satisfaction by providing personalized and engaging assistance, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty by creating unique and memorable experiences, improving learning outcomes and customer retention through interactive and immersive education, encouraging creativity and self-expression by enabling users to create their digital characters and share them, as well as providing entertainment by exploring various scenarios and possibilities with personalized AI avatars.

How can I interact with my avatars created with Spheroid AI Avatars?

Interaction with avatars created using Spheroid AI Avatars is facilitated through the XR Hub application. This application enables users to engage with their avatars via voice chat and other interactive controls on their mobile devices.

Can I Integrate Spheroid AI Avatars into My Own Branded App?

Yes, the Spheroid Universe offers assistance in integrating this technology into clients’ applications.

What Customizable Features Are Available When Creating Avatars in Spheroid AI Avatars?

With Spheroid AI Avatars, users can customize various features including appearance, voice, personality traits, and behaviour to create a unique personalized digital character.

Can I Upload My 3D Model Avatar in Spheroid AI Avatars?

Yes, Spheroid AI Avatars allow users the flexibility to use a 3D model from an existing library or upload their 3D model to create an avatar.

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Create an Avatar in Spheroid AI Avatars?

The process of creating an avatar in Spheroid AI Avatars involves four main steps: selecting a real-world location for placing your avatar, choosing a 3D model from the library or uploading your own, adding personality traits and character descriptions to your avatar, and publishing the avatar for interaction with others.

What Aspects of Personality and Character of My Avatar Can I Define When Using Spheroid AI Avatars?

With Spheroid AI Avatars, you can define many aspects of your avatar’s personality and character. You can provide character descriptions and teach your avatar to converse on specified topics.

Can Avatars Created with Spheroid AI Speak and Respond to Voice Input?

Yes, avatars created with Spheroid AI are designed for interaction, including communication and responding to voice input, providing an engaging and interactive user experience.

How Can I Place My Created Avatar in the Real World Using Spheroid AI Avatars?

You can place your created avatar in the real world using Spheroid AI Avatars by first selecting a physical location. This geographical location is where your avatar will be available in augmented reality. Once the avatar is published, it will be visible in the chosen location through augmented reality interfaces.

Can Other Users Interact with My AI Avatar Created Using Spheroid AI Avatars?

Yes, other users can interact with the avatar you created using Spheroid AI Avatars. Once you share your avatar, other users can view and interact with it through the XR Hub app on their mobile devices.

Do I Need Any Prior Technical Knowledge to Use Spheroid Warp?

No, prior technical knowledge is not required to use Spheroid Warp. It is designed to be simple and intuitive yet remains a powerful tool for creating and deploying AR/XR content.

Can I place AI avatars anywhere globally using Spheroid Warp?

Yes, with Spheroid Warp, you can publish AR/XR content, including AI avatars, anywhere in the world.

Can I Teach My Avatar to Communicate on Specific Topics Using Spheroid AI Avatars?

Yes, Spheroid AI Avatars allow you to teach your avatar to communicate with users on specific topics. You can describe your avatar’s characteristics in simple terms and use the dialogue tool to manage its interaction with users.

Can I Launch the Creation of My AI Avatar Using a QR Code with Spheroid AI Avatars?

Yes, Spheroid AI Avatars are developing a QR code launch feature for AI avatars, which will allow users to place a QR code on various surfaces and interact with the AI avatar in augmented reality after scanning it.

Pros and Cons of Spheroid:


  • Customization of 3D avatars
  • Interaction of avatars in augmented reality
  • Diverse applications
  • Voice chat with avatars
  • Interactive control
  • Personalized avatars
  • Customization of avatar appearance
  • Customization of avatar voice
  • Customization of avatar personality
  • Customization of avatar behaviour
  • Placement of avatars in the real world
  • Viewing avatars through XR Hub
  • Availability of Spheroid Warp tool
  • Integration into branded applications
  • Enhances customer service
  • Increases brand recognition
  • Boosts creativity
  • Provides entertainment
  • Improves education
  • Option to select 3D models
  • Upload personalized 3D models
  • Descriptions add individuality
  • Publish avatars and share them with others
  • Various uses of avatars
  • Launch avatar using QR code
  • Interact using a mobile device
  • Augment reality with avatars
  • Potentially increase sales
  • Create memorable experiences
  • Makes learning engaging
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple steps to create avatars
  • Available on multiple platforms


  • Requires a mobile device
  • Limited avatar customization
  • No QR code integration yet
  • Dependent on external application (XR Hub)
  • The complex avatar creation process
  • Limited library of 3D models
  • May require integration with the Spheroid Universe
  • No real-time avatar editing
  • No desktop application
  • A limited number of interactive commands