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Description of StealthGPT

StealthGPT is an AI-powered writing tool that helps users generate original content without the fear of detection. It offers two subscription plans – College and College Pro, both providing unlimited access to various features.

The College plan is designed for students needing unlimited access to AI-generated texts, while the College Pro plan targets professionals requiring longer prompts and responses that won’t be flagged by AI protection filters.

Each use generates 1125 words and includes 45 prompt words. Additional features will be added shortly. Subscribers can submit their prompts and use AI-generated content without limitations.

Answers to Questions about StealthGPT

What is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT is a text-writing tool powered by artificial intelligence.

What is the purpose of StealthGPT?

The purpose of StealthGPT is to help users create original content that remains unnoticed by AI protection filters. This is especially useful for students and professionals needing assistance with writing assignments.

How does StealthGPT keep its content undetected?

StealthGPT is designed to bypass AI protection filters. The specific mechanism by which it remains undetected is not explicitly disclosed on their website.

Can I use StealthGPT for essay writing?

Yes, StealthGPT can be used for essay writing.

Can I use StealthGPT for writing articles and blogs?

Yes, StealthGPT can be used for writing articles and blogs.

What subscription plans does StealthGPT offer?

StealthGPT offers two subscription plans – College and College Pro.

What is the main difference between College and College Pro plans?

The main difference between College and College Pro plans lies in their target audience and the length of prompts and responses. The College Pro plan offers longer prompts and responses compared to the College plan.

Who can use StealthGPT College and College Pro plans?

The StealthGPT College plan is intended for students, while the College Pro plan is aimed at professionals.

How many words does StealthGPT generate peruse?

StealthGPT generates 1125 words per use.

Does StealthGPT limit the number of uses per subscriber?

No, StealthGPT allows its subscribers unlimited usage.

What is the word limit for prompts in StealthGPT?

The word limit for prompts in StealthGPT is 45 words.

Can StealthGPT subscribers submit their prompts?

Yes, StealthGPT subscribers can submit their prompts.

What additional features can we expect from StealthGPT in the future?

Their website mentions that StealthGPT will add more features shortly, but the specific details of these features are not specified.

Does StealthGPT guarantee that the content they create will pass AI protection filters?

Yes, StealthGPT guarantees that the content they generate can bypass AI protection filters.

How do I sign up for StealthGPT?

You can sign up for StealthGPT on their website under the “Registration” section.

What is the price of College and College Pro subscriptions?

The College subscription costs $9.99 per month, while the College Pro subscription costs $19.99 per month.

Will StealthGPT add new plans in the future?

Their website does not provide information on whether StealthGPT will add new plans in the future.

What happens if content generated by StealthGPT is detected by AI protection filters?

Their website does not specify the consequences of content generated by StealthGPT being detected by AI protection filters.

Can I upgrade my plan from College to College Pro?

Their website does not indicate whether a user can upgrade from the College plan to the College Pro plan.

Is StealthGPT suitable for professional article writing?

Yes, the StealthGPT College Pro plan is specifically designed for professional article writing.

Pros and Cons of StealthGPT


  • Undetectable content creation
  • Subscription plans available
  • Specifically for students
  • Designed for professionals
  • Offers longer prompts and responses
  • Generates 1125 words
  • Includes 45 prompt words
  • More features promised in the future
  • Allows user-submitted prompts
  • Affordable subscription prices
  • Transparent pricing
  • Attention to privacy


  • No free trial version
  • Limited to 1125 words per use
  • Limitation on prompts
  • Unclear additional future features
  • No API
  • No guarantee of detection avoidance
  • No multi-platform support
  • Content quality unspecified
  • Only two subscription plans
  • Language options not specified