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What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Whoop Strap?

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What do you do if you’ve lost your Whoop strap? Users lose their Whoop straps during work or misplace them – this is a more common phenomenon than expected. Most likely, you’ve done the same with your Whoop, which explains your visit.

Let’s clarify: the Whoop strap does not have a built-in GPS. Alternatively, it utilizes the GPS feature on your phone to monitor your activities. This makes it impossible to find a lost Whoop strap. If only Whoop had implemented a “Find My Device” feature in its app, it would have been more accessible.

So, you’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find your wrist strap. What now? If you’ve lost your Whoop strap, there’s no need to worry because we’ve prepared this guide to tell you about a few things you can do after losing your Whoop strap.

What should I do if my Whoop Strap is lost?

I lost my Whoop strap. What can I do now? Like many other fitness trackers on the market, the Whoop strap allows you to measure heart rate, sleep levels, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), supports automatic exercise tracking and warm-ups, and much more. It’s a technological marvel; however, as previously noted, the absence of integrated GPS is among its several limitations.

This means that if your Whoop is lost or not in its place, it cannot be found using the mobile app. Now, all you can do is track your actions and search for the strap where you were before you lost it.

Another step is verifying if your Whoop strap is still connected to your phone. Because the strap utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to transmit data, the search radius should typically be within 100 meters. When you lose connection during the search, return to where you started, and your phone should automatically reconnect to the strap.

If you can’t find Whoop in your home, check where you usually leave it after removing it, including the bedroom and bathroom. Some Whoop users on Reddit have found their devices between couch cushions, in laundry baskets, and on their car dashboards.

If, despite your efforts, you cannot locate your strap, it’s advisable to request a paid replacement. Your previous health and fitness data are synchronized with the Whoop app, so acquiring a new Whoop strap will allow you to pick up where you left off seamlessly.

Can I request a warranty replacement for a lost Whoop strap?

Whoop provides a limited warranty on its trackers, covering manufacturing defects and faulty components for one year from activation. Unfortunately, the policy does not cover loss or damage due to negligence or misuse, so you cannot request a free replacement for a lost Whoop strap. Here’s the full list of things not covered by the Whoop limited warranty:

• Lost or stolen Whoop straps

• Damage due to misuse, negligence, improper use, or any abnormal use contrary to Whoop’s instructions

• Normal wear and tear, cosmetic damage

• Unauthorized modification of the strap or attempted repair by a third party

• Changing the original model name and serial number

In short, Whoop is not responsible for replacing or repairing your Whoop strap if you violate their limited warranty policy. They also offer a 30-day return policy, but even then, you must return the original tracker to receive a refund. Therefore, Whoop is unlikely to fulfill your request for a replacement of a lost Whoop strap.

What about non-warranty replacement?

Whoop requests a “stocking fee” of USD 120, 100 euros, or 176 Australian dollars if you want a non-warranty replacement for your Whoop strap. However, the right to participate depends on the following two criteria:

• You must have an active Whoop membership with no outstanding dues.

• A valid payment method linked to your Whoop account is necessary to cover the stocking fee.

If you meet both conditions, log in to your Whoop account and go to the “Lost Strap” section on the subscription page. Then, fill in the shipping and billing information and pay the stocking fee.

Alternatively, you can contact Whoop support via email ( to request a non-warranty replacement. They will send you an invoice for the new strap. Once you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Whoop will deliver the replacement strap to you within a week or so.

How can I prevent re-losing my Whoop strap?

You can prevent losing your Whoop strap by not removing it frequently. After all, it’s a fitness tracker that users can wear day and night. The new Whoop 4.0 also features dust and water resistance to IP68 standards up to 10 meters (~ 32 feet) deep, meaning you can wear it during activities such as swimming, hand washing, and showering.

The Whoop strap should fit snugly about an inch above the wrist. We recommend wearing it snugly enough so that it doesn’t slide off your wrist but not too tight, as it may affect circulation.

You can purchase a bicep strap to wear Whoop higher on your arm for added security. With the tracker facing upwards, place it on the widest part of your bicep, tighten the strap, and fasten the clasp.

Can anyone use my lost Whoop strap?

Unlike fitness bracelets from Fitbit, Garmin, Amazfit, and other brands, the Whoop strap is a paperweight without an active subscription. Furthermore, this is the only one who can use the device if linked to a Whoop account. Therefore, even if you lose your strap or someone tries to sell it on a marketplace, it won’t be worth anything to others.

Oops, Lost Strap: Summarizing

If you’ve lost your Whoop strap, it’s best to thoroughly search for it where you were wearing it or request a non-warranty replacement from Whoop. As previously noted, the inability to track your Whoop using the companion mobile app is due to its lack of GPS capabilities.

Additionally, we recommend properly caring for your Whoop strap and removing it frequently to prevent re-loss.