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Best Meta Quest 2 & Pro Amazing For PlayStation VR2

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As the virtual reality market gains momentum again, 2024 promises to be one of the most significant years. With the release of the PlayStation VR2, Meta significantly reduced the prices of Quest 2 and Pro headsets to “attract more people to virtual reality.”

Given that Meta is preparing to release the successor to Quest 2 later this year (if recent rumors are to be believed), the price cuts are likely an attempt to move some of the existing current-generation products ahead of the next-generation release.

Regardless, for those looking to explore virtual reality on a limited budget, now is the best time to purchase a Quest 2. Or, if you’re willing, spend a little more to experience cutting-edge virtual reality with Quest Pro. Sticker discounts undoubtedly make virtual reality headsets appealing; however, do Meta Quest 2 and Pro come with games included? Read on to find out more.

Do Meta Quest 2 and Pro Include Games?

As far as we know, Meta Quest 2 has several preloaded games. However, most of these are simple technical demonstrations that give new users an idea of the untapped potential of virtual reality and allow them to familiarize themselves with the experience. The same applies to Quest Pro, although it is a more serious, business-oriented virtual reality headset.

For both headsets, the selection of preinstalled demo versions varies by region. In some cases, they may not be available at all. Upon first boot-up, you’ll see a web browser, Explore and Event applications, and First Steps—an application designed to help users get used to the VR controls and the feeling of being in virtual reality.

Note that demo versions do not provide a full experience. But consider them your starting points on the path to the virtual reality world. Additionally, demo versions contain enough content to determine whether a particular game is worth purchasing.

Whether you purchase Quest 2 or Pro, for PlayStation VR2 the Quest Store is where you can buy full-fledged games; both free and paid games are available for Meta Quest 2 and Pro. Additionally, you can utilize the Meta Quest mobile app to browse and purchase hundreds of games and other virtual reality features remotely, then install them on your headset.

How do you get games on Meta Quest 2 & Pro?

If you’re deeply engaged in virtual reality and eager to explore new experiences promptly, turning to the Quest Store is your optimal and most efficient solution.

Assuming you’ve set up your payment method through the mobile or desktop app during the initial setup, you can purchase games/apps in the Quest Store without leaving virtual reality. Here’s how:

• Press the Oculus button on the right-hand touch controller, then select the store icon on the bottom toolbar.

• Browse through the selection of games on the “Store Games” tab, filter them by genre or other categories, or find the game you want by entering its name in the top search bar.

• Once you find the game title, select it, then press the blue button with the price tag. If the game is free, you’ll see a “Get” button instead.

• Please confirm your purchase. Subsequently, the game should now be accessible in your Quest library, allowing you to download and engage.

Although the Oculus desktop app also has a store, it primarily focuses on Rift and Rift S games. However, you can only purchase games and play them through the desktop app when using Quest 2 or Pro as a PCVR headset. Note that you can only play them with tethering if the store page specifically indicates compatibility with Cross-Buy. Read more about this in the section below.

What Is Oculus Cross Buy?

Cross Buy allows users to purchase certain games once and play them on both Quest and Rift headsets—either in tethered or untethered modes.

When you purchase a virtual reality app in the Quest Store, you only receive access to the Quest 2 or Pro version. Similarly, if you obtain a game from the Oculus desktop app, you can solely access the desktop version, which is playable on Quest 2 or Pro through Quest Link or a connected Rift or Rift S headset.

If a game is labeled as “Cross-Buy,” you can purchase it in the Quest Store and unlock access to the desktop version or buy it through the Oculus desktop app and get a free copy of the Quest version. Check out the actively updated list of Meta’s Cross Buy games here.

Getting Games Through the Mobile App

The built-in store shelf on Quest 2 and Pro simplifies finding games and apps if you already wear the headset. However, the Meta Quest mobile app (Android | iOS) allows you to browse new games and make purchases at your leisure without entering virtual reality.

• Open the Meta Quest app on your phone or tablet and navigate to the store menu on the navigation panel.

• Find the game you want to play. You can either scroll through various categories or use the search feature (magnifying glass icon in the top right corner) to find it manually.

• On the preview screen, press the blue button with the specified price, then confirm the game purchase by tapping the “Purchase” link, which will be charged to your default payment method.

If the game is available for free download, click the “Get” button, and it will appear in your Quest library.

That’s it! Now, you can view your Quest library and begin remote installation on your Quest 2 or Pro headset.

If you encounter difficulties purchasing games in the Meta Quest mobile app, navigate to the menu tab, proceed to Settings, and select Payment Methods. Update your payment method by providing a valid option. Use any debit/credit card or PayPal as your primary purchasing method.

What About PCVR Games?

Typically, the only games that Quest 2 or Quest Pro can play untethered are those available in the Quest Store, which, as emphasized above, can be purchased and downloaded from the Quest virtual environment or the Meta Quest mobile app.

Quest Link allows you to connect the Quest 2 or Pro headset to a VR-ready PC via a USB cable, similar to connecting other PCVR headsets. The Quest Air Link feature also enables fully wireless connectivity without noticeable quality or latency reduction.

In either mode, you can run any SteamVR game, including AAA titles like Half-Life: Alyx and Boneworks or Minecraft Bedrock Edition on your Quest 2 or Pro.

After setting up the Oculus app for PC and SteamVR, connect your Quest 2 or Pro headset to the computer using a compatible USB cable (C-to-A or C-to-C). A popup window will appear on your PC, asking your permission to enable Quest Link. Click Continue, then select Enable Oculus Link on your headset.

Finally, launch SteamVR from your desktop or Steam library and play any VR games you’ve installed.

Bottom Line

Meta Quest 2 and Pro usually come with several pre-installed games. But to enjoy some of the most exciting virtual reality experiences, you’ll need to purchase games in the Quest Store either directly in the virtual environment, the Oculus desktop app, or the Meta Quest mobile app. Some premium-class games offer free trial versions, so you can test them before purchasing.