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ChatGPT for Amazon – Google Chrome Extension for Amazon Sellers

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Description of ChatGPT for Amazon

Shulex VOC assists Amazon sellers (brands) in identifying market opportunities and selecting winning products using sentiment analysis and AI/ChatGPT technology. It provides a fast and simple way to assess the overall sentiment of product reviews, helping buyers make informed purchasing decisions and providing valuable feedback to sellers. In addition, this tool provides Amazon review analysis, listing optimization, SEO keyword analysis, competitor research, and customer analysis.

ChatGPT is a set of artificial intelligence tools developed by OpenAI for Amazon sellers. It provides a powerful set of features that allow sellers to gain insights into their customers and optimize their product listings on Amazon.

Some features of ChatGPT include voice customer analysis, sentiment analysis, competitor analysis, customer analytics, product research, Amazon Review Analysis, Amazon Review Export, and reports on electronics, smart home, shoes, home and kitchen, pet products, sports and outdoors, tools and home improvement, computers, garden and outdoor products, and office products.

It also maintains blogs on topics such as Amazon sales, Amazon marketplaces, Amazon competitor analysis, how Shulex helps with negative reviews, revolutionizing Amazon listings, and the importance of reviews and ratings.

A help center and tools are also available to assist sellers in getting the most out of this tool. Lastly, ChatGPT provides access to a community of sellers through its Facebook group, YouTube channel, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Quora, and Instagram accounts.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers, providing them with the information and analytics needed to make informed decisions, improve their products, and increase sales.

Answers to Questions about ChatGPT for Amazon

What is ChatGPT for Amazon?

ChatGPT for Amazon is a conversational artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI. It is a powerful set of tools for Amazon sellers, providing a range of features that allow users to gain insights into their customer base and optimize their Amazon product listings.

How does ChatGPT analyze customer’s voices?

ChatGPT analyzes customer voice by processing and understanding customer reviews, feedback, and comments. It utilizes the power of machine learning to understand customer sentiments and uncover hidden ideas or trends that may be useful to sellers.

Can I use ChatGPT for Amazon review analysis?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for Amazon review analysis. It is designed to analyze and understand Amazon reviews, providing summary information on overall ratings, customer sentiments, and commonly mentioned positive or negative aspects of a product.

How to use the Amazon review export feature in ChatGPT?

With the Amazon review export feature in ChatGPT, sellers can conveniently export the reviews of their products from Amazon. While the exact method of how this feature operates is not explicitly mentioned, such a feature typically involves a simple interface where the seller inputs the desired product, and the system exports an organized document containing reviews.

How does ChatGPT conduct competitor analysis?

ChatGPT employs its artificial intelligence capabilities to conduct competitor analysis, allowing users to analyze and compare their products with those of competitors on Amazon. This potentially helps you understand your competitor’s strategy, such as their product pricing, marketing tactics, and customer sentiments.

What reports can ChatGPT generate for various product categories?

ChatGPT can generate individual reports for various product categories such as electronics, smart home, shoes, home and kitchen, pet products, sports and outdoors, tools and home improvement, computers, garden and outdoor products, and office products.

Can I use ChatGPT for product research?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for product research. It can help sellers optimize their product listings by providing detailed product information, highlighting its features and benefits, and suggesting improvements that could potentially enhance visibility and conversion.

Where can I find blogs or articles about Amazon sales provided by ChatGPT?

ChatGPT offers a variety of blogs and articles covering topics relevant to Amazon sales. These include, but are not limited to, guides on Amazon sales, Amazon competitor analysis, as well as the importance of reviews and ratings.

How can I join the ChatGPT community on different social media platforms?

Yes, the ChatGPT community is available on several social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Quora, and Instagram. Here, you can connect with other Amazon sellers and share your experiences or learn from them.

Are there any tutorials available for using ChatGPT for Amazon?

While exact details are not specified, most likely, there are tutorials available on their website or within the ChatGPT tool itself to help users effectively utilize ChatGPT for Amazon. They typically cover all the features of the tool and how best to use them for your Amazon business.

Does ChatGPT provide sentiment analysis of Amazon reviews?

Yes, ChatGPT provides sentiment analysis of Amazon reviews. It analyzes comments and ratings on product listings to assess the overall sentiment, which can help sellers better understand their customers and make informed decisions about their products.

Does ChatGPT help optimize Amazon product listings?

Yes, a key feature of ChatGPT helps optimize Amazon product listings. It provides detailed product information and highlights its key features and advantages, which can increase conversion and customer trust.

What is the cost of using ChatGPT for Amazon?

ChatGPT does not directly mention any costs or pricing plans on their website. Some features of the tool may be free, but more advanced features may require a subscription plan.

Can I use ChatGPT for customer analytics?

Yes, ChatGPT can help sellers analyze customer analytics. It uses its artificial intelligence capabilities to analyze large sets of customer data and provide analytical insights that can help sellers better understand their customers’ motivations and needs.

Can I get information about customer reviews through ChatGPT?

Yes, ChatGPT is designed to provide you with information about customer feedback. Using the voice of customer analytics feature, it can analyze reviews and customer sentiments, giving you an insight into how they feel about your products.

Can I use ChatGPT for multiple Amazon sites?

While this is not explicitly stated, it is quite likely that ChatGPT can be used on multiple Amazon sites since it is intended to assist Amazon sellers worldwide. It may support various regional Amazon markets.

Can I change the language of the results in ChatGPT?

The ability to change language settings is not explicitly mentioned. However, considering that this tool is intended for global use, it is likely that it may support multiple languages.

Is registration required to use the ChatGPT tool?

Whether registration is required to use the ChatGPT tool is not clearly stated on their website. However, since it provides personalized product and customer analysis, users may need to create an account to use this service.

Can I use ChatGPT for Amazon SEO keyword research?

ChatGPT mentions the ongoing development of an SEO keyword analysis feature. Once completed and implemented, it can provide valuable information on the best keywords to use in your product listings based on search trends and buyer behavior.

Does ChatGPT provide product recommendations based on the most popular keywords?

ChatGPT is developing a feature to search for the most popular keywords, which means it potentially can suggest or recommend products based on these popular keywords, helping you identify winning products using market opportunities.

Pros and Cons of ChatGPT for Amazon


  • Customer voice analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer analytics
  • Product research
  • Amazon review analysis
  • Amazon review export
  • Specific market reports
  • Educational blogs
  • Accessible reference center
  • Community of sellers availability
  • Listing optimization
  • Popular keyword search
  • SEO keyword analysis
  • Free analysis
  • Supports various languages
  • Detailed customer insights
  • Helps with negative reviews
  • Facilitates global Amazon sales


  • Free version unavailable
  • Limited product range
  • Restricted to Amazon sellers
  • Language change not specified
  • Registration/account creation required
  • Does not support all Amazon sites
  • Basic function fee
  • No standalone access
  • No mobile app