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Keyword Insights – Keyword Research Toolkit

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Description of Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights is a tool that helps content marketers accelerate their content strategy by clustering keywords based on artificial intelligence and content summaries. It can generate thousands of keyword ideas, group them into thematic clusters, and create detailed content summaries. It also has features for identifying content gaps, creating thematic clusters, detecting keyword cannibalization, determining true search intents, internal linking, and creating AI-based content summaries. It is trusted by global agencies, small and medium enterprises, content marketers, and SEO experts. It provides 750 credits for $1, allowing users to group up to 750 keywords, generate up to 7 summaries, or conduct 1500 keyword searches.

Keyword Insights is an artificial intelligence-based content marketing platform that allows users to easily and massively generate and group keywords, match search intents, and create rich content descriptions.

The tool serves four primary functions: keyword discovery, keyword clustering, search intent analysis, and summarization. With keyword discovery, users can generate thousands of keyword ideas by entering a single initial keyword.

Keyword clustering allows users to group keywords with the same intent and target them on the same page. The search function enables users to quickly target keyword searches at any scale, while the Content Briefs function allows users to create a detailed content overview in minutes using artificial intelligence technology.

Keyword Insights also provides managed services, thematic research, and complimentary tools like SERP Explorer and SERP Similarity tools. It is used by leading brands and agencies featured on its website.

The platform’s functions are designed to simplify the stages of research, planning, writing, and content creation. It is suitable for content marketers, SEO specialists, and writers looking to enhance their content strategy using artificial intelligence technology.

Answers to Keyword Insights Questions

What is keyword statistics?

Keyword Insights is an artificial intelligence-based content marketing platform that allows users to generate and group keywords, match search intents, and create rich content descriptions in an effective and scalable manner. This tool includes four key functions: keyword discovery, keyword clustering, search intent identification, and content summary creation. These functions simplify the stages of research, planning, writing, and content creation, making the tool suitable for content marketers, SEO specialists, and writers seeking to optimize their content strategy using artificial intelligence technology.

Can Keyword Insights generate keyword phrase suggestions?

Yes, Keyword Insights has a keyword discovery feature that allows users to generate thousands of keyword ideas from a single initial keyword. This feature reduces your dependence on external tools, making it easier to conduct comprehensive keyword research within the Keyword Insights platform itself.

How does keyword clustering work in Keyword Insights?

Keyword Insights uses a keyword clustering feature that allows users to quickly group keywords with similar search intents, ensuring that these keywords are targeted to the same page. This unique feature enables the simultaneous management of up to 2.5 million keywords, providing a quick understanding of keyword “sets” that fall into different groups and require different targeting tactics.

How is search intent matched using keyword Insights?

Keyword Insights is designed to quickly identify search intents for keywords on a large scale. After uploading a list of keywords, the tool informs users how many keywords are informational, transactional, or related to other types of content in the top 10 Google results. This allows optimization of content based on an understanding of search intent.

What is the purpose of the Content Insights feature in Keyword Insights?

The Content Briefs feature of Keyword Insights helps ensure comprehensive and highly effective content creation. This tool uses artificial intelligence technology to create detailed content descriptions in minutes, including important headlines and key questions that the content should cover. Briefs are designed to be more comprehensive than competitors, allowing you to create content that stands out in an increasingly crowded digital landscape.

Does Keyword Insights offer any free tools?

Indeed, Keyword Insights offers free tools such as SERP Explorer and SERP Similarity Tool. SERP Explorer allows users to view analyzed and deconstructed search results, revealing various components that led to those search results. On the other hand, the SERP similarity tool helps determine how similar competitors’ pages in the search results are to its page, which is useful for understanding the level of competition and the uniqueness of its content.

Who is a typical user of Keyword Insights?

Typical users of Keyword Insights are content marketers, SEO specialists, and writers who want to improve their content strategy using artificial intelligence technology. These individuals and groups may belong to various brands, agencies, or independent organizations seeking data and artificial intelligence to accelerate their content marketing and SEO strategies.

What will I get if I subscribe to Keyword Insights?

By subscribing to Keyword Insights, users get access to keyword insights for just $1. This includes the ability to group up to 750 keywords, create up to 7 content summaries, or perform 1500 keyword searches. The platform also provides managed services, thematic research, and free tools such as SERP Explorer and SERP Affinity Tool.

What Managed Services Offered by Keyword Insights?

Although specific offerings of managed services by Keyword Insights are not explicitly stated on the website, considering the platform’s core features, it can be inferred that these services likely include comprehensive guidance and support in utilizing Keyword Insight functionalities such as keyword discovery, keyword clustering, search intent mapping, and content summarization on a broader scale or tailored to specific needs.

How to Access Thematic Studies by Keyword Insights?

You can access thematic studies by Keyword Insights by visiting the thematic studies page on their website. These thematic studies showcase the experiences and results achieved by real brands and agencies that have utilized Keyword Insights, providing specific context for the platform’s capabilities.

Which Leading Brands and Agencies Utilizing Keyword Insights?

Keyword Insights is utilized by many leading brands and agencies, including iProspect, Sprout Social, builtVisible, Croud, Teamwork, Databox, Digitaloft, Freshworks, Shopify, Kinsta, Forbes, and Headout. These brands and agencies successfully use keyword Insights to improve their content tagging strategies.

How Keyword Insights Can Help You Create Content?

Keyword Insights can significantly aid in creating content with its various functionalities. The keyword discovery feature allows for creating a reliable list of keywords for a given topic. The keyword clustering feature helps group keyword lists and detect any thematic clusters missing in your content. The search feature enables quick determination of search intent based on keywords at the desired scale. Finally, the content summarization feature uses artificial intelligence to swiftly provide detailed descriptions of content that potentially could rank highly.

What is the Search Results Viewer Tool in Keyword Insights?

Keyword Insights offers the SERP Explorer tool as one of its complimentary tools. Its utility lies in enabling users to explore analyzed and deconstructed SERPs (search engine results pages). This helps understand various factors influencing the composition and ranking of search results.

What Does the Affinity SERP Keyword Insights Affinity Tool Do?

The Affinity SERP tool is another free tool provided by Keyword Insights. This tool helps understand the level of similarity or differences between competitors in the search results of a specific page and the page itself. This provides insight into the level of competition and content uniqueness.

How Does Keyword Discovery Work in Keyword Insights?

The keyword discovery feature in Keyword Insights works by entering a single initial keyword and generating thousands of related keywords. This allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of a topic or theme, enabling a strategic approach to content creation covering a wide range of relevant keywords.

Can Keyword Insights Help Me Plan Content Strategy?

Keyword Insights can significantly help you plan your content strategy with its reliable functionalities. After creating a large list of related keywords using keyword discovery, you can group these keywords using the keyword clustering tool. This grouping can help identify missing clusters in your content plan. Once done, the AI-powered content summarization tool can be used to build a detailed and effective plan for each piece of content for optimal SEO efficiency.

How Can Keyword Insights Improve My SEO?

Keyword Insights can not only improve your SEO but also simplify your SEO strategy. The platform can help identify content gaps, create thematic clusters, determine keyword cannibalization, identify true search intent, find internal linking opportunities, and create content summaries using artificial intelligence. This is achieved through detailed analysis of various aspects of your site’s content, keywords, and internal links. This comprehensive approach helps optimize your content for increased organic search effectiveness.

Can Keyword Insights Determine Search Intent by Keywords?

The search feature in Keyword Insights allows for an easy understanding of the exact intent of each keyword. By uploading a list of keywords, the platform informs you how many results fall into categories such as informational, transactional, and other types of content. This enables accurate prediction of search intent, thereby helping you precisely tailor content based on consumer intent.

Does Keyword Insights Offer Any Guides or Educational Resources?

Yes, Keyword Insights offers guides and resources accessible through the blog page. The blog contains an extensive collection of articles, tutorials, tips, and best practices that assist users in fully utilizing the platform’s tools and functionalities, thereby aiding in the development of data-driven and AI-based effective content strategies.

How Does Keyword Insights Help You Write Content?

Keyword Insights greatly assists in content writing with its AI-powered content briefing tool. The tool automatically generates detailed content descriptions within minutes, including important headings and key questions your content should address. This streamlines the workflow for creators and helps ensure that the content is not only comprehensive but also aimed at outperforming any competition in the digital space.

Pros and Cons of Keyword Insights


  • Generates thousands of keywords.
  • Clusters keywords by intent.
  • Searches intent on maps at scale.
  • Creates detailed content descriptions.
  • Offers Managed Services.
  • Provides thematic research.
  • Free tools included in the package.
  • Search Results Viewing Tool.
  • Search Results Similarity Tool.
  • Simplifies research and planning.
  • Automatically highlights content.
  • Facilitates content writing stage.
  • Suitable for content marketers.
  • Beneficial for SEO specialists.
  • Helps authors improve content strategy.
  • Quickly identifies content gaps.
  • Creates thematic clusters.
  • Detects keyword cannibalization.
  • Accurately predicts true search intent.
  • Identifies internal linking opportunities.
  • Boosts content marketing efforts.
  • Generates detailed content descriptions within minutes.
  • Trusted by international agencies.
  • Speeds up keyword search.
  • Offers 750 credits for $1.
  • Easy to use.
  • Detailed guides available.
  • Access to public API.
  • Parallel page comparison.
  • Assists in identifying content gaps.
  • Assistance with thematic clusters.
  • Detection of Keyword Cannibalization.
  • Speeds up the internal layout.
  • Optimizes content writing.


  • Lack of multilingual support.
  • No mobile support.
  • Lack of data export functions.
  • Requires constant internet connection.
  • Lack of real-time updates.
  • No API for integration.
  • Lack of customization options.