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Chatsimple – Chatbots on the website for support and sales assistance

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Chatsimple Description

After testing numerous tools, Chatsimple emerged as the simplest AI-powered chatbot for your business, converting your visitors!

– ChatSimple offers powerful ChatGPT chatbots to engage visitors and provide round-the-clock customer support.

– An intuitive interface allows setting up custom chatbots in less than 5 minutes, without requiring any programming experience.

– ChatGPT chatbots adapt to the business needs, utilizing content and data from the user’s website.

“These AI-powered chatbots turn visitors into customers by providing instant, high-quality answers and guiding them to desired outcomes.

– Chatbots can be deployed on multiple platforms, including Instagram and Facebook Messenger, providing comprehensive customer support.

– ChatSimple chatbots offer valuable insights into customer needs and behavior, providing real-time conversation data, feedback on answer quality, and AI-based summary reports.

– Available at various price levels, including a free trial version, for businesses of any size.

– Depending on the pricing plans, users have access to different volumes of messages, chatbots, and email forms, as well as levels of customer support and model complexity.

– Customer reviews confirm the tool’s user-friendly interface, reliable NLP capabilities, and customization options.

– Trusted by small and medium businesses, ChatSimple aims to revolutionize customer interaction with its AI-powered chatbots.

Answers to Chatsimple Questions

What is Chatsimple?

Chatsimple is a tool that provides ChatGPT chatbots for customer support and sales assistance. It specializes in providing companies with customized chatbots designed to interact with visitors and provide personalized customer support 24/7.

How quickly can I set up a Chat simple chatbot?

Chatsimple allows users to set up their chatbot in less than 5 minutes. Its code-free installation makes this process efficient and straightforward.

On which platforms can Chatsimple chatbots be deployed?

Chatsimple chatbots can be deployed on various platforms. While this explicitly includes platforms like Instagram and Facebook Messenger, the specific list implies potential deployment on other platforms as well.

How is the ChatGPT Chatbot Chatsimple trained?

The ChatGPT chatbot from Chatsimple is trained using content from the user’s website. This ensures that each chatbot is uniquely tailored to the specific needs and context of each business.

Can I create a Chatsimple chatbot without any coding experience?

Yes, you can create a Chatsimple chatbot even if you have no programming experience. This is because Chatsimple offers a code-free setup process. This indicates that individuals with any level of technical proficiency can utilize Chatsimple to develop and implement chatbots, irrespective of their background in technology.

What information do Chatsimple AI-based chatbots provide?

Chatsimple AI-based chatbots provide deep insights into customer needs and issues. Users have access to rich conversations with their customers in real time, receive feedback on the quality of responses, and obtain aggregated information about customer behavior using artificial intelligence.

What feedback does Chatsimple offer on response quality?

Chatsimple offers users feedback on the quality of responses received from the chatbot. Although it’s unclear exactly how this feedback is formulated, the tool undoubtedly provides an indication of the bot’s performance and responsiveness to customer interactions.

How does Chatsimple help companies turn website visitors into customers?

Chatsimple helps companies turn website visitors into customers by providing instant and high-quality responses and directing them toward desired outcomes. The chatbot can assist with tasks such as filling out quotes or navigating to specific web pages, thereby facilitating conversions.

Does Chatsimple offer a free trial version?

Yes, Chatsimple offers a free trial version. The trial version, priced at $0 per month, includes 25 messages per month, 1 chatbot, 100 email forms, basic support and model features, as well as unlimited website deployment.

What is the difference between the various pricing tiers?

Chatsimple provides four pricing tiers: Trial, Starter, Pro, and Elite. They differ in the number of messages, available chatbots, email forms, level of customer support, and model complexity. Notably, unlimited website deployment is offered at all price levels.

How does Chatsimple support multiple languages?

Chatsimple chatbots support multiple languages without any additional effort from users, indicating the use of reliable NLP capabilities and translation in their solution.

What are the configuration parameters for Chatsimple chatbots?

Chatsimple chatbots can be configured according to your specific business needs. Although the specific configuration parameters are not detailed, the process of training the chatbot on the content from the user’s own website ensures the deployment of a chatbot uniquely adapted to each business.

What do users say about the interface and features of Chatsimple?

User reviews of Chatsimple emphasize the tool’s user-friendly interface and reliable NLP capabilities. They also highly appreciate its highly customizable features and the intelligence of the chatbots, pointing to its highly effective implementation of AI technologies and user-centric design approach.

How can I use Chatsimple to guide visitors to desired outcomes?

Chatsimple allows users to guide website visitors to desired outcomes using AI-powered chatbots. By providing instant, high-quality responses, these chatbots can direct users to perform tasks such as filling out quotes or visiting specific web pages.

What level of customer support does Chatsimple provide?

The level of customer support provided by Chatsimple depends on the pricing tier you choose. The trial tier receives basic support, the starter tier receives standard support, and the professional and elite tiers receive premium support and priority support respectively.

Can Chatsimple chatbots be used 24/7?

Yes, AI-powered CHATSIMPLE chatbots can provide round-the-clock customer support due to their advanced AI capabilities. This ensures continuous interaction with website visitors, offering a high-quality experience 24/7.

Are the chatbots offered by Chatsimple intended for any specific size of business?

Chatsimple chatbots are intended for businesses of any size. It offers various pricing tiers according to different operational sizes. However, it specifically highlights its suitability for small and medium businesses.

What is the process of setting up a Chatsimple chatbot?

The process of setting up a Chatsimple chatbot involves code-free setup, which can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Users can create their chatbot trained on the content of their website, without requiring any prior programming experience.

Can I use Chatsimple chatbots for sales support?

Yes, Chatsimple chatbots can be used for sales assistance. They help turn website visitors into customers by providing instant, high-quality responses and guiding visitors to desired outcomes, such as filling out quotes.

How does the AI-powered Chatsimple chatbot interact with website visitors?

AI-powered Chatsimple chatbots interact with website visitors by answering their questions with high-quality responses. These chatbots also help visitors perform specific tasks, such as filling out quotes and navigating to specific web pages, thereby providing a personalized and interactive experience for each visitor.

Pros and Cons of Chatsimple


  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Setup in less than 5 minutes
  • No coding experience required
  • Trained on user data
  • Multi-platform deployment
  • Real-time conversation analytics
  • Quality feedback on responses
  • Flexible pricing tiers
  • Free trial version available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable NLP capabilities
  • Customizable chatbot
  • Turning visitors into customers
  • Guiding visitors to desired outcomes
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Support for multiple chatbot models
  • Unlimited website deployment
  • Elite Priority Support
  • Highly customizable tool
  • Trusted by small and medium enterprises


  • Lack of multilingual support
  • Limited message count in the free trial version
  • Lack of priority support on lower plans
  • Message exchange limitation on lower pricing plans
  • One chatbot for the free trial version
  • No advanced model in lower plans
  • Platform integration not specified
  • Lack of API integration support
  • Lack of advanced customization
  • Limited access to information