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The Gaming Keyboard with Kailh Optical Switches

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The HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL (HTK-632) is a compact gaming keyboard with customizable RGB lighting, premium Kailh switches, and user-replaceable Kailh switches, great build, and even fun mods.

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Completion and packaging

  • HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL keyboard (HTK-632);
  • key for caps removal;
  • key for removing switches;
  • instruction;
  • nine additional caps in pink
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Characteristics and features

• Number of keys – 87;
• Polling frequency – 1000 Hz;
• Backlight – RGB 16.8 million colors;
• Type of switches – Kailh Optical Switches (black);
• Average time of failure-free operation – 80 million cycles;
• Pressing force – 45 g “+/-” 10% for Kailh Black;
• Response delay – 0.2 ms;
• Stroke before triggering – 1.8 “+/-” 0.6 mm;
• Total stroke – 3.6 “+/-” 0.6 mm;
• Method of applying symbols – laser engraving.

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Materials and build quality of the case

HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL (HTK-632) case contains matte plastic. In a case, the top of the keyboard and the side panels are solid pieces of yellow plastic, while the bottom is entirely black. The latter is bolted to the main body. The fastening method, although classic, is reliable – you will not see absolutely any backlash between the halves.

There are several rubber pads along the perimeter of the bottom panel. The purpose is to improve the grip of the keyboard with the surface.

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The keyboard connects to a PC or laptop using a 1.8-meter cable. The weaving of the latter is a fabric of medium hardness. The memory effect is subjectively slightly above average, so there is no problem with styling. The tape does not cough.
An attractive solution, which, is worth mentioning separately, is the metal plate inside the case. In practice, this reinforces the design of the plus model, which, logically, makes the device heavier. Well, add the previously noted rubber attachments to the weight, and in the end, you get, though classic, justified by users and time “formula” of excellent grip on the table, even in the hottest battles.

There are no comments on the assembly – in the absence of an excellent one. According to this conclusion at the very beginning of an acquaintance with the model. Based on the results of 2 months of daily operation, the initial opinion has not changed – at least in this regard, the HTK-632 fully justifies its price tag.

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On the issue of ergonomics

Here’s the order. The entire yellow (in our case) top panel is reserved for the layout. There is also a brand logo here.

One of the side panels clearly shows the cable outlet that connects the keyboard to a PC or laptop. The cable is not removable.
The opposite “side” of those mentioned above “secure” lettering is … the best haters.

Finally, rubber plugs are pre-marked around the perimeter of the bottom panel. There are also two folding legs with rubberized soles for simultaneous tilt and grip, two stickers with different technical data, and holes in which the heads of the bolts that fix the body halves are visible.

Height of HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL (HTK-632) – 36 mm. At first glance, this height requires a wrist rest in the configuration, but in practice, the comfort of typing is guaranteed to the user even without it, although getting used to it will take some time.

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Features of Kailh switches

HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL (HTK-632) is equipped with Kailh linear optical switches, ensuring smooth operation without bumps and clicks. In practice, this solution is, in a way, the best option for gaming applications.

An attractive, distinctive feature of this keyboard model is the ability to replace the caps and the switches. For these purposes, a unique key is provided in the delivery set.

As for the volume of the switches, everything is excellent in this regard – you can hardly hear the noise, you can listen to only a tiny sound of the cap knocking on the base, but that it distracts.

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HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL (HTK-632) has excellent RGB backlighting with the ability to combine lighting style, intensity, color, etc. Also, with the Fn + F11 combination, the user can activate the macro recording mode.

Features of the layout

HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL (HTK-632) uses the so-called ANSI layout, with one-line input and left full-size Shift.
The support of two modes of the number of simultaneously recorded clicks is noted – 6KRO and NKRO. Switching between them is carried out using the combination Fn + ~.

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As an afterword

Apart from the practical side, HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL (HTK-632) is also a very stylish keyboard. In this case, this is an excellent combination of a yellow top, the same “sidewalls,” and RGB lighting. Also, remember that you can use different coloured keycaps. If you are a mod lover, you will love this HTK-632 feature.

Thus, HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL (HTK-632) is worth recommending for several reasons, particularly if you want a good gaming optical keyboard. If you are a mod lover, including such things, you feel the need for a compact device—effective weapon “of this class for maximum success in games.