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Prestigio ReVolt A5 – wireless charger for iPhone and not only

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Prestigio ReVolt A5 is an affordable wireless charger that charges your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch batteries simultaneously. But what else is interesting about the new product and why to recommend it, read further in the review.


Despite the immodest fact that the Apple devices mentioned above are not distinguished by simplicity in terms of design, there is no splendor in the decoration of the ReVolt A5 box – restraint, clarity, and even to some extent, conservatism is synonyms that best describe it. Appearance. Well, sometimes modesty is more of a plus than a minus.

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An illustration of the model is on the box’s walls, plus a relatively large amount of various data on its characteristics and capabilities.

Information from the walls of the box

What’s on top of the lid? First of all, an illustration as proof of the location of the device. The user can also charge these gadgets in turn, which, however, is logical. There is also a label “hinting” at the power of wireless charging, its name, brand logo. And also, in the form of miniatures, a list of devices for recharging, for which they created the ReVolt A5.

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The opposite wall of the box is no less attractive. A detailed list of characteristics and capabilities, information about the manufacturer and importer. Others, including another brand logo, serial numbers, and color information. In short, there is something to see.

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Contents of delivery

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In addition to the power adapter, USB Type-C cable, and the base itself, the box contains warranty documentation.

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Key features and features

  • Dimensions – 181x8x80.5 mm;
  • Weight – 170 g;
  • Input voltage – 5 V DC;
  • Rated input current – 2A;
  • Wireless charging module – 10W;
  • Wireless Charging – Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.
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Materials used in the case

The Prestigio ReVolt A5 case combines a metal base and bezel with a tempered glass panel. The last of the noted, so to speak, details – high-quality tempered glass. Thus, we can say with confidence that the manufacturer used exclusively premium materials in this model. That is a plus!

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Assembly impressions

There are no questions about the assembly either. In this regard, we are faced not only with a kind of “answer” to sceptics, but they also say that Prestigio does not know how to do quality things. Your iPhone will not be ashamed to charge from the ReVolt A5 – well done, very soundly. Then try, about acquaintance with the novelty, to refute me.


Maybe in this section, that the appearance of Prestigio ReVolt A5, like the design of the box of this “charging”, looks simple? But when did this combination of glass and metal look simple? Well, okay, maybe there are such examples, but this is not the ReVolt A5; it will coolly complement any desktop or office/home wall.

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What difficulties can there be? Three areas are on the glass part – two are like twins among themselves, and here is the third with a round magnet. The first and second are for watches and smartphones, respectively, and the third is for headphones.

On one of the side ribs, there is a USB Type-C port for connecting a mains charger. There are several LEDs to the right and left of it.

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The one on the right signals that power is being supplied to the device, and the one on the left cues signaling devices that provide power to the watch, headphones, and smartphone, respectively. If one or two instruments are full of charges, the corresponding number of diodes will light up. Among other things, there is only the brand logo on the edges.

There are rubberized nozzles along the perimeter of the bottom panel and a few more lines of technical data, including the serial number and markings.

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Production impressions

The first thing to remember is that the ReVolt A5 runs silently even when all three devices are connected to it simultaneously.
The connection itself is simple – the corresponding signaling devices made, let’s say, “pairing” – the diodes marked above on the left. In addition to Apple technology, other smartphones that support charging of the corresponding standard can be connected here.

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What else is worth remembering? Various metal objects should not fall on the charging surface, and even more so, if you charge a smartphone, it is best to do this without a case, or in an issue, but with a wall thickness of no more than 4 mm and again. No metal. The ingress of moisture is also prohibited, and the surface itself, wiped with a dry cloth without alcohol. Well, the rules of use are simple, easy to remember.

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Brief afterword

It’s nice to note that you can charge these devices quickly at the same time. It is entirely safe – you can wear it at least overnight, you can leave it unattended – nothing terrible will happen.

Add here a beautiful design, an assembly that will be the envy of solutions from even more famous brands – in a word, such a price tag is more than justify itself.


  • premium body materials;
  • the highest build quality;
  • excellent design and well-thought-out ergonomics;
  • excellent functionality / silent work;
  • good value for money for a device of this class.


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