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Huawei’s revenue for the year grew 3.2% to $ 136.7 billion

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The manufacturer’s growth has slowed, but business performance is broadly in line with expectations. At the end of 2020, global sales revenue amounted to 891.4 billion yuan ($ 136.7 billion), which is 3.8% more than a year ago. Net income was 64.6 billion yuan ($ 9.9 billion), an increase of 3.2%.

As noted, despite operational difficulties due to US sanctions in 2019 and 2020, Huawei continues to offer KPMG an independent and objective financial performance audit. Huawei will continue to adhere to the principles of transparency in the provision of operational data to governments, customers, suppliers, employees and partners, regardless of the circumstances.

In 2020, the Huawei Carrier Business Group continued to operate more than 1,500 networks in over 170 countries and regions amid the COVID-19 lockdown. That has helped improve the capabilities of telecommuting, online learning, and online shopping. Through partnerships with mobile operators, Huawei has helped ensure a flawless network experience. The company has also partnered with operators worldwide to implement more than 3,000 5G innovative projects in over 20 areas, including coal mining, steelmaking, ports and manufacturing.

During 2020, the Huawei Enterprise business group has focused on developing innovative solutions for various industries and has built a digital ecosystem that thrives on shared discoveries and achievements. During the pandemic, Huawei provided technical expertise and solutions that have become very important in the fight against the virus.

One example is an artificial intelligence-based diagnostic solution powered by HUAWEI CLOUD. That has helped hospitals around the world reduce the burden on their medical infrastructure. Huawei is also working with partners to launch cloud-based online education platforms for more than 50 million primary and secondary school students.

With the deployment of HarmonyOS and the Huawei Mobile Services Ecosystem (HMS), Huawei Consumer BG has pushed its “Seamless AI Life” (“1 + 8 + N”) strategy to deliver intelligent devices and scenarios. Special attention is paid to such areas as a brilliant office, fitness and health, smart home, comfortable travel and entertainment.

“In recent years, we have had to face unfavorable factors. We continued to innovate to create value for customers, help overcome the pandemic, and contribute to economic recovery and social progress worldwide. We also improved our efficiency and achieved results in line with our forecasts. We still will work with our customers and partners to support social progress, economic growth and sustainable development,” commented Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Huawei.